Blasphemous – How to get Ending A

Here is everything you need to know about unlocking the Ending A in Blasphemous.

Steps to get the true ending in Blasphemous

Step 1

Go to Brotherhood of Silent Sorrows.

Step 2

What we are looking for is the The Immaculate Bead.

Step 3

You will find that item near a praying statue in Brotherhood of Silent Sorrows.

Step 4

Now go back to the Praying Statues you have encountered earlier in the game that Absolve your guilt.

Step 5

Try destroying them and one will reveal a circle. Don’t try to interact with it yet.

Step 6

Equip The Immaculate Bead and keep dying.

Step 7

Your deaths will cause the bead to grow darker.

Step 8

Once The Immaculate Bead has reached complete darkness (pitch black color), interact with the circle from the broken statue.

Step 9

After the interaction you will find yourself standing in a different dimension.

Step 10

If you want to get out then you need to kill the enemies you find there.

Step 11

Kill them and get out. You will purify the circle in the process.

Step 12

Now your job is to destroy and purify every statue you encounter.

Step 13

Reach the final boss, kill it and the True ending will unlock for you.

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Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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