How to Destroy Outposts In Minecraft Legends

Mojang Studios is back with another banger, and this time it is another Minecraft Legends. When Xbox Games Studios released Minecraft Dungeons a few years ago, it was loved by most Minecraft fans. This time, with Legends, the devs have decided to switch things up a bit.

Minecraft Dungeons is a Dungeon Crawler, whereas Minecraft Legends is an RTS. It is explored from a third-person perspective and features both cooperative and competitive multiplayer.

In the game, one of your primary objectives is to destroy the Outposts and Buildings of Piglins. Now the question is how to destroy the Piglin Outposts? Here is how.

How to Destroy Outposts In Minecraft Legends

In order to destroy the Piglin Outposts or Buildings in Minecraft Legends, you need to first spawn Cobblestone Golems.

Cobblestone Golem in Minecraft Legends

You get access to Cobblestone Golems right from the start of the game, so you don’t need to unlock anything. To make the Cobblestone Golems, you need to first craft a Cobblestone Golem Spawner.

Cobblestone Golem Spawner in Minecraft Legends

Cobblestone Golem Spawner press X on your Keyboard, or whatever your Combat Hotbar key is. You will see two options there, Plank Golem Spawner and Cobblestone Golem Spawner. Select Cobblestone Golem Spawner. A single Cobblestone Golem Spawner requires 25 Wood, 25 Stone, and 1 Frame of Creation. Flame of Creation is a tool that you carry by default. You don’t need to search for it. Also, make sure that you have at least 1 Yellow Allay available, in order to start building the spawner. If you don’t know, the left side of your screen will show the number of Yellow Allays and Blue Allays you have available. Yellow Allays build, and Blue Allays collect resources. You start game with 5 of each.

Once you are done building the Spawner, go near it and start spawning. You can keep on spawning Golems until you hit your Mob Limit. To make a single Cobblestone Golem, you will need 1 Stone and 1 Lapis. Stone you can farm pretty easily, and you can get Lapis by defeating Piglins.

After you have spawned enough Cobblestone Golems, Press Q or whatever your Lure key is to make them follow you. Once you are near the Piglin Outposts, Press E on your Keyboard or whatever your Direct key is to make them start destroying the buildings.

Cobblestone Golems Destroying Piglin Outposts in Minecraft Legends

The first Piglin structures you should target are the Piglin Pits. If you don’t destroy them quickly, Piglins will keep on spawning. Then go for the Towers, to take down the long rage attack options of the Piglins.

Remember, you won’t be able to destroy the Outposts immediately, as the Cobblestone Golems are quite slow when it comes to destroying buildings. So give them time, and try to defeat Piglins that try to eliminate them.

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Last Updated on April 19, 2023

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