How to deal Elemental Damage in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 features Physical and Elemental Damage that you can inflict upon your enemies. However, this article focuses only on the Elemental Damage, the four damage types, and how to inflict them.

So, in this article, we will talk about dealing Elemental Damage in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to deal Elemental Damage in Dragon's Dogma 2

Different Elemental Damage Types in DD2

There are four different Elemental Damage types in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

  • Fire Damage
  • Holy Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Ice Damage

How to deal Fire Damage

You can deal with Fire Damage by using Fire Spells or Weapon Skills. These Spells are available to Mage and Sorcerer Vocations, so make sure you have one in your party. You can also cast the Fire Boon or the Fire Affinity on a weapon that will allow you to inflict additional fire damage. These skills are currently available for Mage Vocations.

Some weapons are infused with fire, such as the Molten Fury. Weapons like these can be used to deal fire damage to Enemies. Remember to change your Vocation if you intend to use these weapons. You can use these weapons against monsters like Harpy, Griffin, and Goreminotaur. Here are some of the fire-infused Weapons

  1. Molten Fury
  2. Cinderspine
  3. Cardinal Blaze
  4. Infernal Edge
  5. Craos Tine

How to Deal Holy Damage

Only if you have an Emyrean Base can you learn the Holy Magick to deal with Holy Damage. You will be able to start learning Empyrean once you are on the Vocation Rank 4 and to reach the High Empyrean; you need to have a Vocation Rank 7. You can also deal Holy damage using weapons, but you must change your Vocation. Here are some of the weapons that you can use

  1. The Exalted
  2. Heaven’s Key
  3. Volant White
  4. Talarian White

Monsters like Wight, Dulahan and Gorechimera is weak against Holy Damage in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to deal with Ice Damage

To deal with Ice damage, you can use Offensive Ice Spells if you have Skills like Hagol, Frigor, Frostseeker Bolt, and the Hailstone Bolt. However, these spells are not universal and available only to certain Vocations. You can use the Ice Boon or the Ice Affinity Spells to deal Ice damage on enemies. Since these are only available to mages, you must hire a pawn with those skill sets.

You can also deal with ice damage using these weapons, but remember to change your Vows for them.

Here are some of the Ice Infused Weapons in DD2.

  1. Almace
  2. Frosted Edges
  3. Frigid Finger
  4. Siocadh
  5. Rhewynt

Here is the list of Monsters that are weak against Ice Damage

  1. Saurian
  2. Minotaur
  3. Drake
  4. Lesser Dragon
  5. Magma Scale

How to deal with Lightning Damage

Like the other Elemental Damages, you can cast Lighting Spells and Weapons Skills to inflict Lightning Damage on enemies, especially if you have the Levin, Thundermine, or Sparkchain Stake Skills. These skills are mostly available to the Mages, Sorcerers and Hybrid Vocations. You can also use the Lightning Boon ability to cast the spell on any weapon so that you can use it (that includes your Mage, should know the skill).

These are the Lightning Infused Weapons in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

  1. Bolts from the Blue
  2. Tintreach
  3. Cyclopean Thunder
  4. Lion Lord’s Archistaff

Keep in mind that Cyclops and Medusa are weak against Lightning.

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Last Updated on April 17, 2024

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