Fix Remnant 2 No Sound or Audio Bug

Remnant 2 No Sound or Audio Bug – Remnant 2 is a third-person action RPG shooter game developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox. It is a sequel to Remnant From the Ashes game, released in 2022. The game is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Windows. It has both Single Player and Online Co-op modes, with full controller support.

We have been getting a lot of complaints about the no sound and the other audio issues since Remnant 2 was released. We are always active on Forums, and since Remnant 2 got released, we have seen queries and issues related to sound and audio that most gamers face when playing.

One of our Editors faced the same issue, and we tried the following list of troubleshooting tips with him, and the third one seems to work for him. However, I would like to add that you can also fix the sound issues by following the other troubleshooting tips found on our suggested fixes list.

Since many of us are struggling with the same issue, this article will guide you on how to fix Remnant 2 No Sound or Audio Bug.

Fix Remnant 2 No Sound or Audio Bug

Fix Remnant 2 No Sound or Audio Bug

Here are some of the troubleshooting tips that you can use to fix Remnant 2 No Sound or Audio Bug.

Select Proper Output

Select Proper Output

Often you will find that the primary output switches automatically whenever you plug in a new audio device, i.e., Headphones in this case. And often, you cannot get the Game audio routed through your headphones. If you are facing a similar issue, try out the following steps.

  1. Right, Click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen. You will find the option on the system tray.
  2. That will open up the Sound Settings.
  3. Select the proper output device from under the Sound Tab you wish to use.
  4. Click Ok and hit Exit.
  5. Restart Remnant 2, and you should have the audio output now.

This solution worked for one of our Editors, who fixed his Audio issues by selecting the proper output.

Switch to a 3.5mm Wired Headphone

Occasionally you might also face audio issues with Wireless headphones when playing Remnant 2. All you need to do is switch to 3.5mm Wired Headphones and try rerunning the game once again. I faced a similar issue when using my HyperX Wireless and the Coolermaster MH670 Gaming Headphones.

And all I did was disconnect it and plug in my Wired MSI Gaming Headphones, and to my surprise, all my audio issues disappeared. The devs already took notice of these issues and will fix everything in their upcoming patches. The forums are also filled with gamers complaining about their issues with USB Powered Headphones. So switching to 3.5mm Wired Headphones can be your go-to solution if your Wireless ones fail to work with Remnant 2.

Disable Windows Sonic

At its current State, Windows Sonic or Windows Spatial Sound is buggy on Windows currently, so it is best to avoid it.

Enable Audio Enhancements

Enabling Audio Enhancements sometimes can also fix the no sound and audio issues in Remnant 2. If you have disabled it by mistake, follow these methods to enable the Audio Enhancements quickly.

  1. Get to the Sound Settings and then click on the Playback Tab.
  2. Right-click on the Playback Devices.
  3. Click on the Enhancements after you have selected Properties.

Update Audio Drivers

If you have tried all the options and nothing seems to work for you, then updating the drivers might help. But let me tell you, alot of the websites suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the latest audio drivers, but it is only recommended if you are having issues with all the apps and games. If it is only Remnant 2, then the problem lies elsewhere.

However, if you still wish to update your drivers, visit the motherboard’s manufacturer’s website and download the latest audio drivers. But never download any Core drivers from 3rd party random and untrusted websites as they often contain malware, viruses and spyware.

So this was all about how to fix Remnant 2 No Sound or Audio Bug.

After trying all these methods, if Remnant 2 is still stuttering, freezing, or lagging for you, you can contact Gearbox Support and send them a ticket. I will be active on the forums for the next few days, looking for guaranteed fixes. And as soon as I find something, I will immediately update this article. If you want, you can bookmark this page.

If you think this guide has helped you, let us know in the comment section below. And for more Remnant 2 guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We will be covering every single technical issue and bug of the game. Good luck!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on July 24, 2023

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