Wallace Location in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is finally here and has already been titled one of the best co-op shooters of 2023. And it makes sense, as the game offers everything that a player would want from a Third-Person Coop Shooter. If you ask me, Remnant 2 feels like “A difficult Outriders,” and there is nothing wrong with that; Outriders is a great game.

Anyway, when you start Remnant 2, you are directly dropped in the tutorial with an NPC. Your job is to learn the basics and complete the tutorial. Once you have done that, you will unlock Ward 13, which is sort of like your safehouse. You got everything you need there.

One of the first objectives you get after reaching Ward 13 is talking to Ford. He tells you that you need to visit the old ward, but before that you need to “Talk to Wallace”. Now, the question is how to find Wallace.

Wallace Location in Remnant 2

Finding Wallace is extremely easy. You just need to open your map and check the names of the “Non-Hostile” icons on the map. Here is the exact location of Wallace:

When you reach the location of Wallace, you will see a huge metal. Wallace is at the top of that tower. Just take the stairs, and you will reach Wallace.
Wallace - Remnant 2

It is important to know the location of Wallace as he is the NPC you will have to visit in order to pick your class or archetype. It is after picking a class, you get access to new abilities and perks. After interacting will Wallace and choosing your class, some clothing items will also get unlocked for you.

If you have pre-ordered Remnant 2, then you will also get access to the Gunslinger class right from the start, and it is Wallace who will give that pre-order bonus.

In fact, much later in the game, when you have everything you need to unlock the Summoner class, you will again have to come and visit Wallace. I would say he is easily one of the most vital NPCs in Remnant 2.

There are other interactions that you can have with Wallace, as well. But since I am yet to try them, I cannot give you the exact details.

That is everything I had regarding the location of Wallace in Remnant 2. Hopefully, I have been able to make you understand the importance of that NPC.

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That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on July 24, 2023

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