Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: Shoot Rinder or not in The Man who killed Jason Foreman

Of the many gigs in the latest Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty DLC, one is ‘The Man who killed Jason Foreman’, which gets initiated after players finish the mission ‘Get it Together’. Working through this mission makes the players learn about Leon Rinder’s exploits and then will have to decide his fate. If you are confused about what to choose, the guide is here for your help.

Keep reading to find out what to choose: Shoot Rinder or not in The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman.

Shoot Rinder or not in The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman in Phantom Liberty?

After dealing with Ivanov, you pass through the metal door of the bathroom and head on to talk with Rinder. While talking to him, you must choose whether to shoot Rinder as instructed or let him go. Here are both the options explained in detail, with the consequences of them both. 

Shoot Rinder

Shoot Rinder

If at any point during the conversation you choose to shoot Rinder, you will get an easy kill, given he is unarmed, and after this, you can head on to loot from his body the dog tags. You take these tags back to Longshore Stacks, to Briana, which will mark the end of the gig. As soon as the delivery is made, you receive 8,000 eddies. 

Not shooting Rinder

Not shooting Rinder

If you choose not to shoot Rinder, you can make a deal with him. He will agree to give you both the dog tags you need to complete the gig and the stash of gear’s coordinates in exchange for his life. If you choose this deal, a new mission, ‘Addicted to Chaos’, starts, and you will find yourself in a garage in Downtown. You then enter it using the code given by Rinder, and inside, they will also find in a container ‘Dezerter Iconic Power Double-Barrel Shotgun’. Then, the ending is pretty similar to choosing to shoot Rinder, where you head to Briana and hand over the dog tags, after which you get 8,000 eddies, and the gig ends

Now, talking about whichever option of both is the better one, I believe that being merciful in the game gets you a lot of goodies and great armor too. It has quite good incentives. Moreover, the Iconic Shotgun you can get if you let Riner live is a great option to consider. However, opinions can differ, and if you have a great work ethic and want to stay loyal to the customers, basically prefer roleplaying, you should feel afraid to pull the trigger on him. 

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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