Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: Frame Yuri or Run in Balls to the Wall?

In the Balls to the Wall gig, you must choose between telling Paco to Frame Yuri or escaping, which is quite an arbitrary decision. However, there’s always a better choice if not the right one; hence, keep reading as we cover everything you need to know about whether to Frame Yuri or Run in Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty DLC. 

Following the second Hansen section, you will face the biggest dilemma in the Balls to the Wall gig: instruct Paco and Bibs to Frame Yuri or Escape to safety. There are different outcomes to making both of these choices. Here’s a deeper analysis of the aftermath of those!

Should you Frame Yuri or Run in Balls to the Wall?

If you were to Frame Yuri

If you were to Frame Yuri

Upon choosing the “Frame Yuri” option, you will be instructed to meet with Paco and Bibs beneath an underpass. Don’t worry about how you’ll get there; the game’s waypoint has that sorted out for you. Upon reaching the said location, all you need to do is wait with the best possible weapon you’ve got, and once Yuri comes walking in, all you need to do is eliminate him. 

One of the advantages of doing so is that you can later loot Yuri’s body to be rewarded with two rare guns, along with an archived conversation to shed some light on Paco and Bibs’ deeds. Once you’re at this stage, you’ll need to make it back to the Needle by following the next waypoint that’s automatically set for you, and once you’ve made it to the location, you’ll need to interact with Paco’s corpse hanging upside down. 

Next, you should access your phone, and from then on, you might choose to inform Bibs of Paco’s fate. However, this choice is completely up to you, and no matter what you go with, the end of this gig will be the same. 

If you were to instruct them to escape

If you were to instruct them to escape

Instructing them to do so will lead to Paco walking up to a nearby car, where you’ll be needed to drive this vehicle out of Dogtown to the Grand Imperial Mall. Once that’s done and done, you’ll need to wait for two in-game days to receive a text from Paco, calling in a meeting at the Atlantis. Make it to the Atlantis by following the game’s waypoint, and know you’re in for a surprise as soon as you get there. 

Upon arrival, you’ll be witness to the fact that Paco has now become a Scav, which marks the end to the Balls to the Wall side-gig and upon doing so, you’ll be rewarded with Carmen- A Phantom Liberty DLC exclusive Iconic-type Power Assault Rifle, but make sure that you pick it up (it’s next to Paco). 

You know how both decisions will pan out, but which should you make?

We’d highly recommend that you instruct Paco and Bibs to escape, as that’ll let Paco live to see another day, with the drawback of him being affiliated with the Scavs. Not to worry about that part, though. But the best part of telling Paco and Bibs to do so is the Iconic weapon- Carmen. But again, you’ll have a clear conscience. At least if you were to guide them to escape rather than to set up Yuri, Paco would be alive!

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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