Apex Legends – Pathfinder Grapple Bug – Arm covering the screen after Grapple

The Aftermarket update has finally arrived in Apex Legends. The update has not only brought a brand new event, but also a whole of changes of changes in the game. Now the problem is, the update has also brought some bugs in the game.

Apex Legends – Pathfinder Bug – Arm covering the screen after Grapple

Bugs are very common in Apex Legends. Especially after every big update, new bugs keep on surfacing. Same is the case with the Aftermarket update. New bugs have already started popping up. But I am pretty sure that none of those bugs are as game breaking as the one we are talking about. It is a new Pathfinder Bug.

Pathfinder got some changes with this update. And along with the changes, he also got an annoying bug. The bug is causing the screens of the players get half covered by Pathfinder’s arm, after every grapple. Let Reddit user u/barelynotabot show you how the bug looks like:

As you can see, the entire right side of the screen is getting covered by Pathfinder’s huge robotic arm. Which means if an opponent approaches you from you right side, you won’t be able to see him at all. So is there a fix?

How to fix this Pathfinder Grapple bug

Fortunately, an user from the community has managed to fix this bug. It is not a permanent fix, you can call it workaround. If you have Pathfinder’s arm covering your screen, then all you have to do is climb over something. You can climb over anything. All you need is the climb animation to remove the arm.

Let Reddit user u/Hawk_XO show you how to fix it:

All he did was, climb over that barricade and the arm was gone. It is true that it is not a proper fix, but we have no other choice here. Bugs like these require attention from the developers. And we all know how fast Respawn and EA are at fixing bugs. Who knows how long will they take.

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Last Updated on October 6, 2020

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