Alan Wake 2: How to find Manuscript Fragments

In the all-new Alan Wake 2, players need to get critical resources for things like upgrading weapons. One of these resources that you will have to track in the game is Manuscript Fragments, and this could take up a while of your time in the game. 

It is not until you start exploring the game by taking a break from the main storyline that you learn about Manuscript Fragments. However, it might be that you don’t get the time to do so while you are involved in the game, and if such happens, you will not have enough of it for your desired upgrade. So, here is a guide explaining all that you need to know about how to find Manuscript Fragments in Alan Wake 2!

How do you find Manuscript Fragments in Alan Wake 2?

How do you find Manuscript Fragments in Alan Wake 2

As previously said, these won’t just pop up independently, and you will have to work to earn them. I have located a few for you, though, with the help of the Lunchboxes in Bright Falls and Cauldron Lake. To give you a little context, these Lunchboxes in the game are a side activity that you can choose to complete while you are travelling across Bright Falls and Cauldron Lake. 

Remember that each of these Lunchboxes that you choose to complete won’t have the same amount of Manuscript Fragments, as some of them might have 1 or 2 or even 3, and a few others even contain as many as 9 of them! So I suggest you keep seeking out these Lunchboxes as many as possible. Moreover, make sure that you also keep on exploring the significant pathways to find these secrets. These would help unlock several upgrades for your weapons. The only thing to remember is that these upgrades do not come cheap; they cost you a bit, like the Pistol upgrade requiring up to 12 Manuscript Fragments. 

Another thing to note is to make sure that every time you find these Lunchboxes, you head back to the Case Board and put up a picture of the location on the wall to figure out the mystery behind these Lunchboxes. This might bring you a step closer to finding out what is up with Bright Falls and Cauldron Lake in the game. According to what I have figured out, it seems like it has a connection with Alan and has some connection with the Cult of the Tree. 

That sums up all that I had on how to find Manuscript Fragments in Alan Wake 2.

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Last Updated on October 31, 2023

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