Wellness Center Password in Alan Wake 2

The computer password in the security room for the Wellness Center, along with the moon puzzle, is the game Alan Wake 2’s one of the most detailed and difficult-to-solve puzzles. They have a bit of everything involved in them, including astronomy, psychology, and investigation, too! It is quite a puzzle and might even leave you scratching your head.

However, if you want to open the electronic doors in the Wellness Center and then also follow Tor, then you will have to beat this strange little puzzle. Don’t worry, I have you covered. Keep reading to find out all that you need to know about solving the Wellness Centre Password in Alan Wake 2, and go gain access to the rather uneasy hallways of the hospital. 

What is the password in the Wellness Center security room in Alan Wake 2?

Wellness Center Password in Alan Wake 2

In the game, when you finally get to explore the Wellness Center, you will have to go ahead and look for the security room there. This room would contain the computer, which, when unlocked, will open the electric doors in the Center and then follow Tor. The password for this computer is 170823. Here is why it is so, about the clues you get for it. 

To give you a little background, know Vladimir Blum. He is a new member of the Cult of the Trees, and he owns this room. Now, if you look around in the room, you will come across a bundle of notes that point toward his initiation being in August, and the day, too, is specifically given, the day after the new moon. This is it, a day that he is very eager for and looking forward to. Then, head on to check the calendar in the room, which would clearly show you that the 16th of August is the only new moon in the month that year. Additionally, it is also made clear with another note that they use European formatting to write the dates, which follow day, month, and year. 

Now, you assume that Vladimir Blum has poor judgment in deciding on a passcode for the computer and is deciding so with the help of the things he likes. So it is pretty safe to assume, after so many hints, that the password would be the date of his initiation. So, the day after the new moon means the 17th of August of 2023 (given that the game is set in this year itself). The password will be 170823 and not 081723. Remember that!

That is all I had on the Wellness Center password in Alan Wake 2.

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Last Updated on October 31, 2023

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