WWE 2K24: How to create Factions and Tag Teams

Factions and Tag Teams have been iconic modes for all these years! Tag team means combining a pair of superstars of your choice, while Factions refer to the large group of wrestlers (like a clan) supporting each other in a match. WWE 2K24 allows you to pair your favorite wrestlers or create a faction. So, in this article, we will talk about creating factions and custom tag teams in WWE 2K24.

How to create Factions and Tag Teams in WWE 2K24

How to create Factions and Tag Teams in WWE 2K24

You can create a tag team by combining your male or female superstars. Follow these steps to a faction or a Tag Team in WWE 2K24.

  1. Boot up WWE 2K24
  2. From the main menu, tab right to go into the options Menu
  3. Select the Roster Tab from here
  4. Click on Edit Teams
  5. You will find a complete list of tag teams and factions already there by default, and you can create your own from here.

Once you open the Team Creation Menu, you must edit and fill in the following details.

Name Enter your Custom Tag Team Name
Team Announce Select the Team name that you would want the announcer to announce during the entrance.
Members You can add two more members apart from the tag partners to create a tag team and a faction of five.
Crowd Reaction Choose whether you want to be booed or cheered
Tag Team Finisher You will be redirected to the Creations > Move Set Menu where you will be able to select your tag team’s finishing moves
Tag Entrance Type Select whether you want your team to enter the ring together or seperately.
Tag Entrance Setting If you wish to go with the Together Entrance then you will have a couple of more options where you will be able to pick the banners, movie, entrance music and more inside the Creations > Entrance. (there are also options for trio entrance if you have created a three-wrestler faction)
Tag Victory Motion Finally you will be able to choose the different victory actions like the Heel (bad guys) or the Face (good guys) Celebration.

After you make the required changes, then it’s time for you to save it by clicking on the Save button, and you are done!

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Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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