World War Z – How To Get Grenade Launcher And Rocket Launcher

There are plenty of weapons for players to choose from in World War Z. But none of them are as exciting as the explosive weapons. We are talking about the Grenade Launcher and the Rocket launcher here.

Explosive weapons are the best option when you are trying to clear huge groups of zombies in one go in World War Z. Just shoot and watch all the zombies blast into pieces. Here is how to get the Grenade Launcher and the Rocket Launcher in World War Z:

World War Z – How To Get Grenade Launcher And Rocket Launcher

Does World War Z have Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher?

Yes, players can use Grenade launchers and Rocket Launchers in World War Z. They both are heavy weapons so they are not so common. And also they have very less ammo so using them only during emergency situations is advised.

How to get Grenade Launcher in World War Z?

A Grenade Launcher is easier to find than a Rocket Launcher in World War Z. All you have to do is select any character from the Hellraiser class and you will get a Grenade Launcher as your heavy weapon right from the very beginning. There are smaller grenade launchers in the game as well. They go into your secondary slot and are hard to come by. Selecting a Hellraiser is the easiest way.

How to get Rocket Launcher in World War Z?

Now, Rocket Launchers are pretty hard to come by in World War Z. And it makes sense because it is extremely powerful and if used with skill, can save you from situations where you might have thought that there is no returning back from this. You can keep looking at every weapon crate during a mission and if you are lucky enough you might be able to get one. But remember that a Rocket Launcher has only one rocket in it. Which means you can use it only once and once you use it, you will end up emptying your heavy slot. You cannot refill a Rocket Launcher. So use it wisely

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Last Updated on April 17, 2019

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