Wolfenstein Youngblood – How to get silver coins

Silvers coins are probably one of the most important aspects of Youngblood as it allows you to do stuff like:

  • Upgrade weapons
  • Buy attachments for your weapons
  • Purchase cosmetics items

So as you can see there are a lot of things to do if you have enough silver coins in your inventory. Here are the ways to get silver coin in Wolfenstein Youngblood:

Wolfenstein Youngblood – How to get silver coins

Kill more and more Nazis

This is probably the easiest and most straightforward way of obtaining silver coins in Youngblood. You kill some Nazis you get some silver coins. Pretty simple concept. Just kill enemies and move forward towards their bodies and you will pickup the silver coins. Considering the amount of enemies you find on every level you won’t be running out of silver coins anytime soon.

Yellow and White Crates

Another good way of farming silver coins is by opening white and yellow crates hidden throughout the world. You will get around 50 to 100 coins in these crates. But let me tell you that these crates are not easy to find at all. You can find them behind certain walls or underwater locations. But if your main objective is to increase your silver coin count then you cannot avoid this method.

Explore the in-game world

Silver coins are scattered throughout the huge world of Wolfenstein Youngblood waiting to be discovered. This is another convenient way of farming silver coins. Just explore the map and you will end up with plenty of silver coins. You will find pile of silver coins lying around randomly. Whenever you see tables or shelves, don’t forget to check them as these places too hide silver coins.

Floppy Disks

You can also look of Floppy Disks that will reveal secrets and you will be rewarded with silver coins. When you find a Floppy Disk try to look for a mini computer in order to decode it.

Side Tasks

You can also complete tasks given to you by your friends in-game. These small tasks can vary from killing enemies to finding certain items. As soon as you complete a task you will be rewarded with 200 silver coins



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Last Updated on July 26, 2019

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