Where to find the Ascender in Highrise in Modern Warfare 3

Race against the clock in Modern Warfare 3’s 10th mission to get the Elevator Out of Order Achievement! In this particular mission, play as TF141’s Gaz alongside Captain Price to blast through a high-rise building as the attack on the Russian Safe House ensues. As you start this mission, you’ll have a chance to unlock an achievement early on, given that you’re playing on an Xbox or PC. 

To get this achievement, all you need to do is to make it to the top of the roof within 45 seconds from the start of the mission, and to make this happen, you’ll need an ascender. It’s quite a task to find one in the building, and if you’re stuck at this point, do not worry, as I’ve got your back! Keep reading till the end to find out the Ascender’s Location in Highrise.

Where to find the Ascender in Highrise in Modern Warfare 3

Where to find the Ascender MW3 Map

The mission starts with you (playing as Gaz) being deployed on the first floor of the building. You’ll need to make it to the eleventh floor, but for now, start heading to the fifth. You’ll need to fight through the fifth floor and then take the stairs to the sixth, where, once again, you’ll meet with enemies. Fight them off and start heading towards the seventh floor using the stairs. There, you’ll find a way to be blocked, and as an alternative, you’ll need to jump out of the window and onto the scaffolding to try and make it across. 

Where to find the Ascender in Highrise in Modern Warfare 3

Once you’ve made it to this point, follow the scaffolding all the way across and get back into the building from the other side, and once you have, eliminate all of the enemies on this floor. Once the floor is clear, you probably won’t have any difficulties making it to the ninth floor. You’ll be able to use a hole in the ceiling to climb and, later on, a ladder in the main area. 

Ascender MW3

Here’s where it gets tricky: once you’ve reached the ninth floor, head to the balcony and climb the boxes on your left. Follow the route and the yellow tarps on the outside of the building. Eventually, you’ll need to jump across into the other balcony and, once again, follow the yellow tarp route until you make it to a window where you can jump inside the building. There on, take the stairs to the eleventh floor. Next, clear out the eleventh floor and at the end of the hallway, to your right, you’ll find an open window and an open supply crate. You’ll find the Ascender in this crate! 

Now, back to the achievement point of view, you’ll need to restart the mission once you’ve got the Ascender to reset the 45-second timer, and once you have, try to get to the top within the time frame to get the achievement- Elevator Out of Order. The trick is to get into the elevator shaft and then straight to the top.

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Last Updated on November 7, 2023

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