Modern Warfare 3: What to pick when Makarov asks “Who Controls the Gulag?”

In the latest Modern Warfare 3, you need to play through a set of missions that do not lack action at all. It is your first mission, where you are prompted with the question by Makarov, and you have to answer it within the given time. Here, you have to answer among the following: Guards, Prisoners, or Neither. 

One of the most important things you need to remember while playing through the mission is the time constraint. Makarov asks this question to check your devotion and to prove a point, too. He asks you this while helping you escape and conducting a prison break. So, if you want to find out what to pick when Makarov asks you the question during the first mission, here is what you should answer. Keep reading to find out!

Modern Warfare 3 What to pick when Makarov asks Who Controls the Gulag

What to choose: Guards, Prisoners, or Neither in “Control the Gulag”?

When you enter the elevator with Makarov and the rest of the people, you need to make this decision. This would be when you are almost halfway through the mission after you are done rescuing Makarov, and the next thing that is about to happen is that you will be in a heavy shootout with the guards. Now, the person operating the elevator refuses to proceed as he believes the prisoners should go first, but this is not the case with Makarov. He says that the guards will use the prisoners as a distraction, and thus, that would make it difficult for the rest of all to escape the place. 

At this point, he asks you the question, “Who controls the Gulag?”, wherein you have three choices, all of them resulting in their unique answers. Even though these choices would be brief, they would surely be modified according to your playthrough. According to what I have experienced playing the game, these choices do not have any major impact on your campaign; you can choose whatever option you like according to the character you want to represent. 

  1. If you choose “Guards, Then Makarov will say, “Yes, Andrei – The guards have it … until we take it.
  2. If you choose “Prisoners, Then Makarov will say, “Yes, Andrei – The guards need the guns.
  3. If you pick “Neither, Then Makarov will say, “Yes, Andrei, very good! Power is held by those who seize it.

After Makarov is done responding to your choice, he ends the dialogue by saying, “Well done, soldier.” 

There are no wrong choices here during this question, as no matter what you choose, you will not end up dead. So, apart from the time constraint, choose whatever suits your character the best in the game!

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Last Updated on November 7, 2023

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