Where to find Fiend Rose in Diablo 4

Get Fiend Rose in Diablo 4 – One of the rare Plant Upgrade Materials in the latest Diablo 4 is Fiend Roses, and you can find this during the Helltide events in the game.

So if you want to know all about this material, where you can find it, how to get it, and how you can use it to upgrade your equipment in the game, then you have come to the right place!

Fiend Rose in DIablo 4

An Overview of Fiend Rose in Diablo 4

Type Plants
Rarity Rare
Description This herb is exceptionally hard to find. You can find it during the Helltide events when the Sanctuary gives way to the influence of Hell. 

Where and how to get Fiend Rose in Diablo 4

Fiend Rose will be spawning in Diablo 4’s in-game event, the Helltide. You can get it by simply interacting with the Fiend Rose plant nodes, which you will find while you are exploring the area affected by Helltide. 

However, note that this event is time-bound and lasts only about 50 minutes. So, make sure you spend your time wisely by dividing your attention between the available activities and farming Fiend Roses during Helltide. 

Unlocking the Helltide event in Diablo 4 at Nightmare Difficulty

In Diablo 4, to see and participate in Helltide, you must first unlock the Nightmare Difficulty. This unlocks after you reach World Tier 3. For this, keep progressing in the game and complete the Capstone Dungeon of World Tier 2, and after doing so, you will unlock this endgame event. 

Dropped by the Helltide Elite Mobs

You can also eliminate the Elite Mobs within the Helltide-affected area in the game to get Fiend Roses. However, this isn’t guaranteed that all of them would drop this. Still, a few Helltide Bosses and Elite Mobs will reward you with rare resources upon being eliminated. 

Looted from the Tortured Gifts in Helltide

An alternate way to obtain Fiend Roses in the game is by opening the Tortured gifts that you find during the event of Helltide. Unlocking these chests will reward you with powerful equipment and rare resources, including Fiend Roses. 

Looted from the Tortured Gifts in Helltide

Uses of Fiend Roses in Diablo 4

At the Occultist, you use the Fiend Roses for Enchanting your Legendary items by re-rolling one of their affixes so that there’s a chance at a better one that suits your build too. We suggest that you spend this valuable resource wisely, as on top of requiring Fiend Roses, you also spend a lot of Crafting materials and Gold on Enchanting. 

Upgrading Major and Superior Healing Potions

The two final upgrades in the game to the healing potions will require you to spend 5 and 10 Fiend Roses each. These upgrades prove to be quite beneficial as they will give a good boost to your healing and also, in the late end game, be indispensable upgrades. 

Crafting Incense

To craft each Incense recipe in the game, 2x Fiend Rose are required. These provide any one of your core stat with a temporary buff.

Here is a list of all the incense and the buff they provide:

  • Ancient times: It lasts for about 20 minutes and, for every nearby player, increases Strength by 25. 
  • Blessed Guide: It lasts for about 20 minutes and, for every nearby player, increases Willpower by 25. 
  • Queen’s Supreme: It lasts for about 20 minutes and, for every nearby player, increases Dexterity by 25. 
  • Sage’s Whisper:  It lasts for about 20 minutes and, for every nearby player, increases Intelligence by 25. 

So this was all about how to find and get Fiend Roses in Diablo 4.

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Last Updated on June 15, 2023

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