Temtem – Raiber Location

Temtem Raiber location – Wondering where can you can you find and catch Raiber from? Don’t worry we got you.

Temtem – Raiber Location

Raiber – Temtem description

Raiber is a lion cub temtem with scarlet pink eyes and has a shiny gold symbol in between. It is mostly red in color with yellow stripes on its neck and rear part. It has a small mane with ears sticking out the back of it.

Raiber is often given to novice tamers in Omninesian Dojos because it is relatively mild-mannered for a Fire Temtem. Easier to handle than the mightier varieties, it is nevertheless a loyal companion and decent fighter.

Raiber – Type


Raiber – Base Stats

HP (Health) 57
ATK (Attack) 40
DEF (Defense) 61
STA (Stamina) 35
SPD (Speed) 42
SPATK (Special Attack) 59
SPDEF (Special Defense) 38

Raiber – Strengths and Weaknesses

Powerful against :

  1. Nature Type
  2. Crystal Type

Weak against :

  1. Earth Type
  2. Fire Type
  3. Water Type

Here is the full Temtem Strengths and Weaknesses guide.

Raiber – Evolution


Raiber needs to level up 15 times before it can evolve into Raize


Raize needs to level up 25 times before it can evolve into Raican

Raiber – Where to find

You can find Raiber at two locations in the game. They are:

  • The Glassyway at the Omninesia Island
  • Anak Volcano at the Omninesia Island

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Last Updated on January 29, 2020

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