Temtem – Oree Location – Digital Type

Temtem Oree Location – Wondering if we can catch Oree in Temtem or not? Don’t worry we got you.

Temtem – Oree Location – Digital Type

Oree – Temtem Description

Oree is a small Temtem that almost looks like a robot or an android. It has glowing round blue eyes and large black ears that look like antennas on the side of its head. It is black and light grey in color, and the hands are black and gauntlet-like with four grey fingers.

One of the first prototypes created in Nanto Labs, Oree’s early versions were the forerunners of Digital Temtem. Inquisitive creatures by design, they show great curiosity and a boundless appetite for information.

Oree – Type


Oree – Base Stats

HP (Health) 61
ATK (Attack) 65
DEF (Defense) 44
STA (Stamina) 74
SPD (Speed) 35
SPATK (Special Attack) 32
SPDEF (Special Defense) 31

Oree – Strengths and Weaknesses

Powerful against :

  1. Digital Type
  2. Melee Type
  3. Mental Type

Weak against :

So far we have not been able to figure out the weaknesses of Digital type Temtems.

Here is the full Temtem Strengths and Weaknesses guide.

Oree – Evolution


Oree needs to level up “unknown” times before it can evolve into Zaobian.

Oree – Where to find

Temtem Oree appears for the first time in the game as the Temtem of the Player’s rival Max.

As of now, the location of Oree is unknown. Temtem is in the Early Access now and Oree cannot be obtained in the EA version of game. In fact, not a single Digital Type Temtem can be caught at the moment. The developers have talked about adding them in game in the near future.

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Last Updated on January 29, 2020

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