Temtem – Elemental Damage Chart – Strengths and Weaknesses

Every Temtem type has its own strengths and weaknesses against other types. Even though a Temtem can be of two types, Temtem Techniques are always of a single type. Whether a Temtem Technique will deal more or less damage to a Temtem, it depends on the type of the Technique and the Temtem.

Same is the case while taking damage as well. Whether a Temtem will take more or less damage from the Temtem Technique, it depends on the type of the Temtem and the Technique.

So if you have an idea about the Strengths and Weaknesses of the every single Type in Temtem. Then the game would feel a lot easier. Here is the Type Chart or Elemental Damage chart that would help you in your journey.

Temtem – Elemental Damage Chart

In the huge world of Temtem you would be able to find a total of 12 different types of Temtems:

  1. Crystal
  2. Digital
  3. Earth
  4. Electric
  5. Fire
  6. Melee
  7. Mental
  8. Nature
  9. Neutral
  10. Toxic
  11. Water
  12. Wind

Strengths and Weaknesses chart for all Temtem types

Here is chart showing strengths and weaknesses of every single Temtem type.

  • 2x = Double Damage/Very Effective
  • 0.5x = Half Damage/Not So Effective
  • 1x = No increase or decrease in damage

Though it is not mentioned on the chart, there are certain types that deal 4x damage to certain types. For example, if your Temtem has a Technique that is of the Digital type and you are against a Temtem that is of Melee and Mental type. Then that Digital type technique will deal 4x damage to that Melee+Mental type Temtem. Since Digital type deals 2x damage against both Melee and Mental type.

Similarly, if your Temtem has a Technique of the Earth type and your opponent’s Temtem is of Water and Wind type. Then that Earth type technique will deal 0.25x damage to that Water+Wind type Temtem. Since Earth type deals 0.5x damage against both Water and Wind type.

So whenever you are going against powerful Tamers who use different varieties of Temtems, make sure you check the given chart thoroughly before starting the match.

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