Starfield: How to get Starborn Ship

In the latest Starfield, in the quest ‘Constellation’, players face a quite mysterious group in the quest’s latter portions and are quite distinguishable by them piloting the sleek ships in the game. Any player would want one after getting a glimpse of the ship. If you think of stealing the ship like the other grounded spacer ships in the game, you cannot enter the ship normally.

Moreover, like other ships, you would also be unable to dock the Guardian. Don’t be disheartened. There is still a way to get this Starborn ship for yourself. However, this won’t be an easy feat and, at the same time, not impossible. [The following guide contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!]

Starborn Ship in Starfield
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How to obtain the Starborn Ship in Starfield?

You must complete the Constellation’s quest line to get the Starborn Ship (Starborn Guardian) in Starfield. Then, you will have to start New Game+. Before finishing the game, there exists no way to get hands on a Starborn Guardian.

During the quest’s end, you will discover that they were simply humans who had entered ‘The Unity’, which is at the universe’s center. Only after you acquire all artifacts and build their Armillary can you access it. After getting inside The Unity, you leave your universe and enter into a new one, and it is this mechanic that is the game’s New Game+. You keep your skills and powers and get the Starborn Guardian and Starborn Armor. However, you lose their weapons, credits, and ammo, among other stuff.

Jumping to Unity in Starfield
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Remember that the Starborn Guardian cannot be taken to get upgrades or alterations to the ship technicians because this ship is from a different universe. You must take your ship back to The Unity by gaining all the Artifacts and completing the Armillary. This can be done by repeating the main storyline, skipping it, and heading to the Artifacts hunt. 

If you want to upgrade your ship, we recommend skipping the main storyline and gathering the Artifacts quickly. The Starborn Guardian can be upgraded up to 10 times. With each of these upgrades increasing the ship’s base stats by 10.

The Starborn Guardian ship is probably the game’s best, even before the ship is upgraded. The ship tracks the number of times players have entered The Unity and increases the ship’s stats with each loop across the cosmos. 

Remember that with each entry into The Unity, you will lose access to the rest of their fleet, and only the Guardian and Spacesuit remain with them till they reach the Lodge. That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about How to get Starborn Ship in Starfield.

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Last Updated on September 13, 2023

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