Starfield Download Size

Starfield Download Size – With over a thousand planets, Space Stations and Moons to discover and complete quests or side-quests, one might question the download size for the upcoming ARPG Starfield.

Logically, a thousand planets and so much to discover must come at a cost and for us gamers, that is file size if you’re wondering how big truly is the file size for Starfield, you’ve come to the right place, keep reading as we cover everything there is to know about Starfield’s Download Size.

Starfield Download Size

Starfield Download Size

Following up with all the trailers, sneak peeks and other factors, Starfield is a huge upcoming in-depth (open-world) ARPG with a lot to offer. On top of the same, the game has stunning graphics, which could be another factor that could negatively affect the game’s download size. With all of this being said already, here’s everything we know about the game Starfield’s Download Size. 

For Microsoft Windows (PC), the download size is estimated to be around 125 GB, as is displayed on the Steam store, and the same is a little different for the Xbox Store (covered later). This might require a lot of players to free up a lot of space beforehand. Another thing to know is that this isn’t the exact download size, but the reserved-space size and the download size for the game will most likely be lower than the said amount. 

As of the Xbox Store, the minimum required space has been increased to almost 140 GB, which is, to be honest, a lot more than the majority of games released in 2023. But keeping an eye on what the game offers seems like a reasonable amount of space to uphold everything that the game comes with. 

Lastly, players will also have the option to preload the game before it has been released through the Microsoft Store or Steam, and of course, for the same, you will need to purchase it beforehand. The preloads start for the game on the 17th of August 2023 (for Microsoft Windows and Xbox), but for Steam, the same will be available from the 30th of August 2023, onwards. 

For the players who have purchased the Constellation or Premium edition of the game, the best time to start the preload would be from the 1st of September 2023, onwards, as that’s when the early access will be made available. Of course, we assume they’d want access to the game at the earliest.

That’s everything we had on Starfield’s download size and the preload option.

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Last Updated on August 20, 2023

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