Sebastian or Ominis – Who to Pick in Hogwarts Legacy?

It has been a few days since the release of Hogwarts Legacy to the gaming world and the role-playing genre. Ever since this has happened, Potterheads and RPG gamers have jumped into the game after doing rounds of it for the past year. It is indeed a treat to see the graphics and all the challenges that the game offers to its players. There are also quests that the players need to complete to progress further into the game, however, this game is so much more than that. The following guide deals with the question of whether you should side with Ominis or Sebatian during the “In the Shadow of Time” Quest. Keep reading to know the answer!

Sebastian or Ominis – Who should you choose in the Catacombs?

Hogwarts legacy comes with all that a Potterhead can think of, spells, potions, houses, professors, different classes, and gives its players the experience of the original J. K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter’s Wizarding world. A list of all the changes and new things that have been discovered has been released, along with all the new quests, challenges, etc., online. With that, there are also a number of choices that you will have to make that are somehow directly or indirectly going to impact your game. These choices, at times, are going to be quite confusing. One such choice that you need to make in the game is choosing either Sebastian or Ominis. Here is what I recommend:

As I have mentioned earlier, the choices that you make might affect your game directly also, so in this choice that you make, that is, deciding between Ominis and Sebastian, would decide the fate when you get ready to “Leave the Catacombs” during the “In the Shadow of Time” quest. It all depends on whether or not you learned Imperio towards the early stages of the game.

As you prepare to leave the catacombs, you will get interrupted by Ominis. He will ask you to make Sebastian understand that whatever he is doing is wrong. Following that, he will present with you two options:

  • “Very well. Let’s talk with Sebastian.”
  • “I cannot side with you. Sebastian’s right.”

Sebastian or Ominis - In the Shadow of Time Quest

The choice boils down to whether you learned Imperio earlier in the game or not. If you have already learned Imperio, then the choice would have no impact on your game. Thus, you can side with either Ominis or Sebastian. It doesn’t really matter. Being a Slytherin myself, I have been siding with Sebastian the entire game. So that is exactly what I did, since I had already learned Imperio earlier.

But, if you didn’t get a chance to learn Imperio towards the beginning stages of the game, then I would recommend that you side with Sebastian. If you do so, a cutscene will play where you will cast Imperio on Ominis, and you will successfully learn Imperio. You can then continue your escape from the catacombs.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, try checking out our other guides on Hogwarts Legacy. Who knows, you might end up finding something interesting.

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Last Updated on February 19, 2023

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