Reap from the Ruins Enigma Solution and Location in AC Mirage

The enigma you find in the middle of nowhere gives you rewards in a marshy area located in the middle of nowhere at the base of a ruined/dead tree. This is the ‘Reap from the Ruins’ Enigma. Solving this Enigma will be worth the effort if you wish to gather all the talismans in the game.

Given how these challenges can be a little difficult, I’m here to help! Read to discover the Solution and Location of Reap from the Ruins Enigma in AC Mirage.

Reap from the Ruins Enigma Solution

Solution of Reap from the Ruins Enigma

You now have to make your way to the Southeastern edge of Baghdad, where a group of small islands are separated by water. In the middle of this fragmented map, you will see a deteriorated/neglected Historical Site. Head to scan the area outside this site. Upon searching, you will see a lone V-shaped tree beside a little rock structure.

Head to this tree’s base. You can get the reward of the enigma Reap from the Ruins here, the ‘Eldritch Talisman’.

Collect the Reap from the Ruins Enigma

Reap from the Ruins Enigma Location

location of Reap from the Ruins Enigma in AC Mirage

It would be best if you headed to Jarjaraya viewpoint. For this, you can use the bridge that connects Jarjaraya to the area where Dogan’s Farm is located and head southeast. Then, when you have reached here, you need to move from the Jarjaraya fast travel location, the mosque, and head to the location as shown below.

This will take you to a huge house that looks quite lavish. You can enter either from the front door and climb up the staircase or leap off the boxes beside the front door. If you choose to do the latter, you will end up in a room on the upper floor. This is where the enigma is located. In this room, you will find a dead body on the floor. On a small cushion, you will also see the enigma beside the dead body’s hand. 

Pick the enigma up to get the clue. Open it from your inventory to see a crudely drawn map to decode it. You have clues X-marked under a V-shaped tree and ruins in the middle. 

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Last Updated on October 12, 2023

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