Find What I Stole Enigma Solution in AC Mirage

Stuck at “Find What I Stole” Enigma in Assassin’s Creed Mirage? This article by Frondtech should get you through it!

“Find What I Stole” Enigma is one of the earliest ones in the game, and it’s natural for any player to get stuck at this point and place as all you’ll be provided with will be a location or a letter. This particular one is tough to complete, but follow this guide until the end, and you’ll know where to look, which is all you need to do. 

Find What I Stole Enigma Solution in AC Mirage

First, to find the location for the “Find What I Stole” Enigma itself, you’ll need to visit Qutrabbul Gate, which can be found in the Harbiyah Region. Once you’re here, all you need to do is travel towards the southwest bank of the river. There, locate a tent between trees next to the city’s walls. Look at the floor once you’ve reached that location to get the “Find What I Stole” Enigma. 

Find What I Stole Enigma

The Solution

Towards the southwest of the Harbiyah Region, you’ll need to look for the Soap Boiler’s District, and once you’ve managed to make it here, you’ll need to specifically look for a gazebo surrounded by a certain kind of fabric. When you start the enigma, the letter you get access to directs you to search the Soap Boilers and look from a height, specifically for colorful fabrics. 

Enigma Solution location - find what I Stole

The steps mentioned above are quite hard to follow, even though that is where the game will initially guide you. Nevertheless, we’ve got another one in the bag for you, here it is-

The next solution we’ve got for you includes visiting the Market towards the southwest of the Soap Boilers. There, if you look around for a bit, you’ll be able to find a gazebo in some fabrics, along with some fruit. Once you’ve entered the Gazebo, you can walk to an interaction point and the Black Zanj Uprising Dye. This signifies that you’ve completed this enigma.

AC Mirage Find What I stole Enigma

That’s everything there is to know about how you could solve the “Find What I Stole” Enigma in Assassin’s Creed: Mirage. We’ve got many guides lined up for you, so keep visiting Frondtech.

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Last Updated on October 12, 2023

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