Misko’s Treasure Locations in Zelda TOTK

Misko’s Treasure TOTK – A bandit exists among the lands of Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom, who have laid down treasures for the players to find. These Treasures are scattered all around the map and can be accessed via a sidequest and following the same, you’ll eventually have to locate all of these treasures.

So in this article, we’ll guide you to the locations of these Treasures, so keep reading!

Misko’s Treasure Locations in Zelda TOTK

Once you find all the treasures scattered around the map by Misko the Bandit, you can offer Link a gift to roam across the realm of Hyrule. Further, there’s a bunch of stuff that you can find in these treasures; it might include some game buffs like shock resistance, climbing speed, and/or attack power. Getting to the locations of these treasures could be tricky, and without further ado, here’s how you could get to the same:

Once you meet the NPC Meeshy and get access to Misko’s side quest, she’ll mark three locations for you on your map. Head to these locations for the armor pieces that’ll offer you some really good buffs. As mentioned earlier, these buffs include increased Climbing speed, Increased Shock Resistance, and/or increased attack power.

Misko's Treasure in Zelda TOTK

Here are the map coordinates for all of these treasures:

Misko’s Treasure 1 – Climbing Outfit

  • Location: North Hyrule Plain Cave:
  • Coordinates: (-1212, 0774, 0069)
    Climbing Outfit Location in TOTK

Misko’s Treasure 2 – Barbarian Armor

  • Location: Crenel Hills Cave
  • Map Coordinates: (0630, 0818, 0027)
    Barbarian Armor Location in TOTK

Misko’s Treasure 3 – Rubber Armor

  • Location: Whistling Hill Cave
  • Coordinates: (-0071, -1117, -0004)
    Shock Resistant Outfit Location in TOTK

Finally, before you head to these locations, we highly recommend unlocking the great fairies and upgrading your armor. This could come in handy as you face different bosses and enemies. 

How to get Misko’s Climbing Gear Treasure

As mentioned above, you’ll be able to find Misko’s Climbing Gear treasure at the North Hyrule Plain. This particular cave can be found towards the northeast of New Serene Stable. Here are the North Plain Cave Coordinates: (-1189, 0646, 0072). 

  • Get to the Huge Rubble surrounded by water once you get to the cave; this can be found inside the cave. 
  • Use your ascend ability to make it to the upper level of the caves. 
  • You might face enemies in this area; you can choose to battle them or escape. 
  • Once you’re done with the same, head down the waterfall to a Brightcap. (-1192, 0775, 0067) and from there onwards, head straight to find Misko’s Climbing Gear Treasure. 

How to get to Misko’s Crenel Hills Cave Treasure

You’ll be able to find the Powerful Outfit or Barbarian Armor just southwest of the Crenel Hills region. Take some bomb flowers with you before you make it to the cave; you’ll need them. The Coordinates for the cave are as follows: (0481, 0723, 0040). 

  • Head into the Crenel Hill caves and use your paraglider to get to safety once you make a left.
  • You’ll then see a bunch of Luminous Stone Ores around the Cavern.
  • Here’s when the Bomb Flowers will come in handy, as you’ll need to destroy a luminous stone ore right in the centre. 
  • A stone Talus might emerge from the waters, be careful; you can once again fight it or escape from it; it’s all up to you. 
  • Once done, climb the huge rubble by heading straight after you come across the talus.
  • There, you’ll find the Treasure you were searching for.

How to get Misko’s Shock Resistant Rubber Treasure

Start by heading towards the Whistling Hill cave; this particular cave can be located south of the lookout landing, next to Teniten Shrine. Get a sharp blade and farm a bunch of bomb flowers before you head into the cave; you’ll need them!

  • Coordinates for the Whistling Hill cave are -0065, -1053 and 0019
  • You might face some electric likes in the Whistling Hill Caves; make sure you’ve got enough to get through them!

That’s everything there is to know about Misko’s Treasure Locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Last Updated on May 31, 2023

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