Lies of P: How to Restore HP

The wait is over, and Lies of P is finally out! This game is developed by NEOWIZ, powered by the Unreal Engine and created by Epic Game. It offers its players a rare twist to Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio, which the game draws inspiration from. The game puts the player in a soul-like setting and captures this feeling perfectly.

Now, given that the game is Soulslike, one thing that players need to be considerate of or keep an eye on is their HP. Here is how you can regen your health in Lies of P:

Lies of P How to Restore HP

How to Restore HP

Pulse Cell is that item that will help Pinocchio during his adventure continuously and replenish his HP. It becomes rather important for players to get their hands on the Pulse Cell in the game to restore their HP and beware that if they are not attentive, they could even miss it.

Where can you find the Pulse Cell in Lies of P?

After the players have chosen their weapons and collected Monad’s Lamp, they leave the train and head outside. Here, they will face a few biochemical monsters and fight them off. After defeating the monsters, they need to head to the Krat Station. Thankfully, no effort is required to go inside, as the gate will already be half open. When players head inside, they will find a huge statue with a board. On the board will be written ‘The Grand Exhibition’, and players must head towards the statue. Upon doing so, a prompt will pop up that says to investigate, select it. After this, the players receive the Pulse Cell.

Pulse Cell in Lies of P
Screenshot by Frondtech

Here is some information that players should know about the Pulse Cell and restoring HP in Lies of P: 

    • Players can use it three times before it runs out. However, as the story progresses, this limit should increase. 
    • Players can access this Pulse cell anytime in the game, simply from the upper belt. 
    • To restore HP, players must press the T button on their keyboard and then press R. 
    • The Pulse cell might not restore the character’s HP completely, so to do so, players might have to use it a few times. If players are not careful, and given the earl restriction, this Pulse Cell might run out very fast. 

Recharging the Pulse Cell in Lies of P

One of the advantages that players have in the game is that they can attack the enemies to recharge the Pulse Cell. Once it gets recharged, players can use it almost immediately. If required, players can build it up again, too. This trait proves to be handy, especially during major boss fights. 

That is pretty much all we had on How to restore HP in Lies of P.

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

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