How to upgrade Ring and Amulet in Diablo 4

Upgrade Ring and Amulet – In the latest Diablo 4, Gear is split into three main categories: Armor, Weapons and Jewelry. Even though their main functions are the same, still, there’s a bit of a difference in all of them. Among such differences, the most notable one is that certain affixes can appear only on certain pieces of gear. Furthermore, on specific items only, every Aspect can be imprinted. 

Regardless of the class, every character in the game gets access to 3 jewelry slots. 2 are reserved only for rings, while the last one holds the character’s amulets. In the game, like Weapons and Armor, Rings and Amulets can be enhanced/upgraded with varied Gems to upgrade their attributes.  

How to upgrade Ring and Amulet in Diablo 4

At the Blacksmith, players can upgrade all sorts of Armor and Weapons, but to upgrade jewelry, players must visit a Jeweler. Although to the ones who have been playing Diablo 4, this might sound intuitive, however for the newcomers, it might be a bit confusing as the blacksmith unlocks at the 10th level. In contrast, players unlock Jeweler at the 20th level. Still, at the lower levels, players can acquire rigs and amulets, but players can’t upgrade them till they have unlocked the Jeweler in Kyovashad, Kratia. 

Upon unlocking Kratia, players will get access to many services. Kratia will upgrade the players’ jewelry, help them socket and unsocket the items and craft various Gems. All of the upgrading work is exactly similar to what the Blacksmith offers. Players select the item they want to upgrade, pay whatever gold and resources are required, and that’s it. 

Players can upgrade Rings and Amulets multiple times in the game, depending on the item’s level and the number of upgrades available compared to the player’s character’s level. For example, if Clive is level 60, a ring of equal level can be upgraded up to 5 times. Comparatively, a level 50 ring can only be upgraded several times and will get maxed out. Another thing to remember is that the item’s rarity is also considered. So, compared to the Magical and Rare ones, the Legendary rings have more upgrades. 

How to upgrade Ring and Amulet in Diablo 4

What are the required crafting materials for upgrading Jewelry?

Quite a few of the materials that players require to upgrade their weapons and armor are the ones that are also needed to upgrade Jewelry in Diablo 4. These include Silver Ore, Iron Chunks, and Veiled Crystals. Players can get all these by completing the quests that would reward resource caches or by salvaging the unneeded rings and amulets in the game. Moreover, players can also find materials randomly while exploring the world. Note that even though players will have to go to the Jeweler to upgrade their rings and amulets to salvage them, they will still have to go to the Blacksmith.  

Upgrading any Legendary items to their maximum level would require players to have special crafting materials, the same as jewelry. In such a case, players will need ‘Abstruse Sigils’. These are the rare crafting materials in the game, and whenever players salvage any Legendary piece of jewelry, they have a chance to drop it. Additionally, it can also drop from chests and mobs.

If players want to upgrade their Ancestral or Sacred piece of jewelry fully, they will require quite a lot of Abstruse Sigils, and along with this, they would also require Forgotten Souls, who are rarer than the former. Forgotten Souls would only drop during Helltide and the special events that spawn every 75 minutes at any place in the Sanctuary. 

That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about How to upgrade Ring and Amulet in Diablo 4.

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Last Updated on June 26, 2023

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