How to remove Notoriety or Heat level in Saints Row 2022

Since committing crimes and destruction is the primary key of this game, there is law and order to balance out your madness, and will put you on a Wanted level or heat level. Your level of crime will be denoted by the number of stars you have. The more destruction you do, the more notoriety will increase.

Saints Row 2022 is finally available for all the major platforms. This action game was developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver.

If you enter this action-adventure world, you may feel the vibe of GTA V, a cut-down version of the course. Don’t forget to complete your daily missions to get your rewards, try your various weapons to beat your foes, and upgrade your cars with new classy materials.

The Notoriety level or the heat level, in Saints Row 2022, as we mentioned before, is a measure of crimes and destruction you have inflicted in the game, and it would denote how much of a Wanted Criminal you are.

The one-star heat level means you are not a threat, and the police will chase you down until you lose them. On the other hand, if you have a five-star wanted level, you will have an entire police department against you, chasing you down and would capture you dead or alive. This is mostly like every other open-world game and especially like GTA.

So this article will guide you on how to remove notoriety level or heat level in Saints Row 2022.

get rid of wanted level

How to remove Notoriety level in Saints Row 2022

Although we enjoy police and car chases, sometimes you might need to shake off the cops if you are in the middle of a mission. So these are things that you can do to get rid of the cops in Saints row.

Hide to evade the cops and remove the heat level

You can lower your heat level or remove it by hiding yourself since you will always be a target as long as you have a star, so hide in empty, deserted areas and wait until the police leave. You can also try hiding in Alleys with disguises to lower the wanted level.

Run away to remove the heat level

Running away on foot from Cops is not possible, so make sure you always have a car with you parked somewhere nearby. You can also get away from the cops by getting your vehicle delivered or performing a car hijacking. Always try chasing them by following a straight line until they lose interest, and keep up the speed while getting chased to prevent getting busted.

Eliminating Enemies

You can also eliminate the cops or enemies to remove the wanted level. You can take down the enemy gangs, which often brings down the heat level. Although eliminating many cops will raise your wanted level, if you shoot a single cop following you, it’s fine as long as you can get away after eliminating him immediately.

So this was all about how to remove Notoriety or Heat Level in Saints Row 2022.

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Last Updated on August 31, 2022

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