How to get VTOL Jet in Saints Row 2022

VTOL Saints Row 2022 – Who wouldn’t like to fly around the beautiful city of Santo Ileso at breathtaking Speeds? The VTOL Jet Plane in Saints Row 2022 lets you do that.

The VTOL Jet plane is one of the fastest planes you can fly in the game, but this isn’t a newly added feature because this jet plane was already introduced in the previous Saints Row game.

Saints Row 2022 is finally available for all the major platforms. This action game was developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. You are playing as a criminal who engages in crimes and destroys every single corner while exploring the fictional city, Santo Ileso. If you enter this action-adventure world, you may feel the vibe of GTA V, a cut-down version of the course. Don’t forget to complete your daily missions to get your rewards, try your various weapons to beat your foes, and upgrade your cars with new classy materials.

The VTOL Jet Plane is back in the new Saints Row 2022 game, and Saints Row the third was the first game in which it was first introduced. It was also there in Saints Row 4, and just like the other two previous installments, getting the VTOL Jet plane s not easy and won’t get unlocked for you even if you have progressed a lot in the game. So this article will guide you on how to get a VTOL Jet Plane in Saints Row.


How to get VTOL Jet Plane in Saints Row

To get the VTOL Jet plan, you will have to complete the final mission of the game called the Showdown. The game is around 12-18 hours long, so it will take some time if you want to unlock the jet plane. There is a mission where you can use it, but you won’t be able to own it until and unless you have completed the game.

To try out the VTOL Jet plane, commence through the story missions and in one such mission, you will be able to use it. The name of the jet is MD1 921V VTOL Jet plane; You will initially notice it near the landing spot.

What is a VTOL Jet Plane in Saints Row

The VTOL Jet is a fighter jet that you can use in Saints Row. The complete form of VTOL is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing Jet plane. Unlike other aircraft, this jet has hover and jet modes. You use the hover mode to handle it like a helicopter; if you are on the jet mode, it will let you fly like a jet plane.

How to use VTOL Jet Plane in Saints Row

The VTOL jet can be best used for exploring and fighting in the air. You can set the controls to operate the VTOL jet in Saints Row.

Actions PC Xbox  PlayStation
Switch Modes (Hover and Jet) Shift B Button Circle Button
Movement W A S D Keys L Joystick L Joystick
Take Off Space key A button X Button
Landing Cntrl Key X button Square button
Missiles Right Mouse Click L Trigger (LT) L2
Lasers Left Mouse Click R Trigger (RT) R2

So this was all about how to get and use a VTOL Jet plane in Saints Row.

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Last Updated on August 31, 2022

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