How to quickly get a Helicopter in Saints Row 2022

Flying with a Wingsuit equipped is fun around the city of Santo Ileso, but if you want to fly around traditionally using a helicopter. You can do that as well in Saints Row Reboot. Just like Wingsuit, acquiring the Helicopter is relatively straightforward as well.

Saints Row is a 2022 reboot of the original Saints Row series. The game was published by Deep Silver and developed by Volition. Since the game is an open world, you are free to roam around the world and the nearby dusty badlands either on foot or on a vehicle, including cars, wingsuits, bikes, etc.

Open-world games allow you to drive, fly, and explore the map. However, it is essential to know that the Wingsuit is not only your only resort when it comes to flying.

You can get a helicopter in the game’s early hours, which is pretty convenient because you can use the Helicopter to fly at greater heights, while the Wingsuit is only good if you are guiding. Thus cruising around on a helicopter is a must in Saints Row 2022.

So this article will guide you on how to get a Helicopter in Saints Row 2022.

How to get Helicopter in Saints Row 2022

How to get a Helicopter in Saints Row 2022

These are the locations from where you will be able to get a helicopter in Saints Row 2022 quickly.

  1. Monte Vista – You can head to Monte Vista, where you will find a helipad. On that helipad, you will be able to get the helicopter. Remember that the helicopter will be located at the end of the hill.
  2. El Dorado – You will be able to get a Helipad with a helicopter just beside the late at El Dorado.  This area has been available since the game’s opening hours, and the aircraft always spawns at this location.
  3. Badlands North – You can also find the Helicopter in the badlands once you are on free roam. This is the only area in the Badlands where you can get Helicopters. Remember that the helicopter will only spawn towards the South Marshall prison.

How to get the Thomson Helicopter in Saints Row

helicopter in santa ileso

Once you acquire your very own headquarters, you can upgrade it by adding a Helipad along with a helicopter. But before that, you need to complete the mission called The Forge.

The Forge is the 21st Mission if you are following the main storyline. This mission will include Neenah taking revenge against the antagonists. You will unlock a special Helipad along with the special Thomson Helicopter in Saints Row 2022 Reboot as you complete the task.

So this was all about how to get a helicopter in Saints Row 2022.

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Last Updated on August 30, 2022

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