How to play Suicide Squad Multiplayer

Suicide Squad KTJL is fun when playing with a bunch of friends. But for newer Arkham players, it might be confusing to find ways to start a multiplayer coop session with your buddies.

So, in this article, we will guide you on how to play Suicide Squad KTJL Multiplayer or with Friends.

How to play Suicide Squad KTJL Multiplayer

How to play Suicide Squad KTJL Multiplayer

We love the Multiplayer mode of Suicide Squad KTJL. But before you can start playing with your friends, you will need to make some progress through the main storyline. More or less, it will take an hour or 45 minutes in total to unlock the Multiplayer mode. As soon as you finish the game’s initial stages, you will get a prompt on the screen saying that you can now start playing online with your friends.

Suicide Squad features a Coop Multiplayer gameplay. You can invite the players by opening the Pause menu and selecting the Empty Character Slot as soon as you unlock your Multiplayer mode. Click on the invite option to invite the players that you want. Remember that you do not need to wait for your friends to join. Instead, you can keep playing it until your invited friends join in once they are ready. However, if you are currently playing the end-game content in KTJL, you must make a new session and allow your friend to join.

Does Suicide Squad KTJL Support Crossplay

Another cool feature of the game is the Crossplay support and Cross-platform Progression. This means you can invite a player from any other platform to continue your progress or join any other platform and help them. This feature allows matchmaking faster because of the more extensive player base. The multiplayer session also has options for “Open to Friends,” where only invited friends can join your session, or “Open to Public,” which lets random players join your game.

How many players can play Suicide Squad KTJL Coop?

Suicide Squad KTJL can be played with up to four players in Coop Mode. As we mentioned, you do not need to be on the same point of the story to play Coop. If you are in Chapter 3 and your friend is in Chapter 2, you can join each other’s game and continue the storyline. Remember that you will play through the storyline of the one that invited you. So think twice before joining players playing the game’s later chapters, as you might miss out on a lot of action. You can also play the game without an entire squad by switching characters. If you are in a two-player session, you will have a second player that you can hit.

So that was all about how to play Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Multiplayer.

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Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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