How to open Vault without going to the Tower in Destiny 2

It was since the alpha days of Destiny’s first game, that the players were dealing with their Vaults. Nevertheless, there has been a new introduction coming with the Season of the Wish that allows the players to open the Vault while they are in the Orbit, and this would not even require the players to head to the tower. So, if you are someone who does not pay heed to the Orbit screen or does not keep up with the news, then it could be very easy to miss this new addition. 

So if you are in the game trying to figure out how you can open the Vault without going to the Tower, that is when you are in the Orbit, then you have come looking to the right place, keep reading to find out your answers!

How to open Vault without going to the Tower in Destiny 2
How to open vault in Destiny 2

So, if you are in the Orbit and want to open your vault, then you have to either press ‘S’(on the keyboard) or down (on the D-pad if you are using a controller). If you do so, you will see a version of a vault that will just be like the ones that you find in the H.E.L.M. or when you are in the tower. Here you are going to feel as if you were accessing the vault from the ground itself with your boots on when you store, take, or dismantle items from the screen that opens. 

This upgrade has proved to be sort of a big help and this is more so for the players that do not have the amazing community application’s access. This is the DIM which is the Destiny Item Manager. So, if you do have access to this, then across all your characters, you can manage your inventory, and not just that, you can also create and save builds, among other things.

Although you still do not have the option of accessing your vault if you are in Patrol or in a mission, this will ensure that each time that you want to store any new drop, you won’t have to necessarily head to H.E.L.M. or to the tower. Moreover, at times when you just want to get a Gjallarhorn and flying to the tower doesn’t seem to end, this new addition will definitely prove to be a great relief.

This new addition to the game, that is opening your vault while in orbit, is actually quite a smart feature that should be taken full advantage of, and I would highly recommend doing so too, especially when you are moving between activities. That sums up all that there was to know about how to open vault without going to the tower. Stay tuned for further updates!

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Last Updated on December 1, 2023

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