How to get Simulacrum in Remnant 2

Get Simulacrum in Remnant 2 – The latest, Remnant 2, is an RPG with many randomly generated aspects featured. Now be this the effects of the relics that players get by completing different tasks or the world that is inhabited in the game.

During the player’s gameplay of Remnant 2, of the many things that they would like to do, is an upgrade to the best of their arsenal, which would require certain materials. As players progress through the game, one such material they would require is ‘Simulacrum’ as it is used for increasing the capacity of the player’s Dragon Hearts. If you want to get your hands on it, here is a guide on everything you need to know. Keep reading to find out! 

How to find Simulacrum in Remnant 2

How to get Simulacrum in Remnant 2

Players can obtain Simulacrum in Remnant 2 by doing the following things. The first way to obtain this in Remnant 2 is to go to Cass, who is found in Ward 13’s hub area as a vendor. Early on, she will sell a single Simulacrum for quite a hefty price. This price is 1,500 scrap, which, early in the game, to spend on one thing is a lot of currency, especially when players can buy a brand-new weapon at this price. 

The alternate way of obtaining Simulacrum in the game is by simply, from the special enemies, having it drop in the world. However, keep in mind that this drop is very rare. Basically, this method depends on the player’s luck when up against the game’s bigger enemies. Players have reported getting it from defeating an enemy they had access to in the first world. This means that players do have a chance to get Simulacrum pretty early. Still, the game is different for every player, so this part can vary for everyone. 

How to use Simulacrum in Remnant 2

Simulacrum can be used in the game to upgrade many things, like weapons to their best/highest limit. However, increasing a player’s Dragon Heart capacity is the most common use. This can be done fairly early in the game by visiting Wallace. 

That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about how to get Simulacrum in Remnant 2.

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Last Updated on July 30, 2023

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