How to get Sharp Weapon in the Alone Mission in Modern Warfare 2

Out of the 17 missions that the game has released up until now, the 13th mission is called the “Alone” mission.

You’re required to play as the character “Soap” and it takes place in Las Almas, like one of the earlier missions.

In this mission, you’re also required to obtain a sharp weapon as well as a gun, and if you’re struggling with the same, we’ve got you covered.

Through this article, we at Frondtech will guide you with how you can get your hands on both, so here it is:

About the “Alone” Mission

In this mission, you will be stranded alone on the streets of Las Almas, and you’re required to defend yourself, this is unlike any other mission in the game, and additionally is one of the hardest of them all.

There’s a lot of loot lying around in the surrounding areas, however, you need to be stealthy, or you will be eliminated. 

The Alone Mission in Modern Warfare 2

We mentioned that this mission is unlike any other in the game, and that is so because you find yourself unarmed, hurt, and “Alone”. The only person you’re going to be talking to, through a radio, is Ghost, who will be waiting at a church close by for you.

You will be following Ghosts’ directions, so you’ll have to do a couple of tasks he orders you to do. For these tasks, in order to defend yourself you’re going to require either a sharp melee weapon or if you want to play it as safe as possible, perhaps a gun. 

The sharp weapon and gun objective will activate itself as soon as you’ve used some pry tools to open a bunch of doors. Now, when you find yourself in the center of Las Almas, Ghost will order you to search and obtain a sharp weapon, as there will be a lot of foes around you.

How to get Sharp Weapon in the Alone Mission in Modern Warfare 2

It’s basically next to impossible to get out of there without having to commit some stealthy eliminations. So here’s how you can obtain a sharp weapon and then a gun in this mission:

  1. On the corner of the street, look for a clothing shop, which will be next to the dolce ice cream shop.
  2. Locate the store and walk through it until you come across a corpse, there will be a knife in the corpse’s throat, which you can collect.
    How to get a Sharp Weapon in the Alone Mission in Modern Warfare 2
  3. This will be your starting sharp weapon.
  4. Now, if you’re also looking for a gun, you will be required to stealthily sneak up behind a guard, finish them off using the knife and then collect whatever weapon they’re carrying. 

That is all! That’s how easy it is to get your hands on a weapon in Las Almas when you find yourself stranded there. There are going to be a bunch of guides on Modern Warfare 2 (2022), so stick around. See you all in the next one!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on October 28, 2022

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