How to get Red Dust in Diablo 4

Red Dust Diablo 4 – Among the many currencies in the game, one certain type of currency cannot be obtained in its complete form. Yes, we’re talking about Red Dust in Diablo 4, which can’t be obtained in its complete form. Getting your hands on it could be tricky the first time.

Hence, in this article, we’ll guide you on how you could get Red Dust in Diablo 4! Keep reading!

What is Red Dust

Red Dust is essential as you’ll need it to get some useful items. The bottom line is, Red Dust can be obtained by refining Seeds of Hatred. There’s a certain region in the game called the “Field of Hatred”, where you’ll have to visit and do a bunch of stuff to get some Seeds of Hatred, which you could later refine for Red Dust. Here’s how you could get Seeds of Hatred –

Seeds of Hatred is a different kind of PvP currency, and it can be found in certain PvP regions of the game’s map. Just open up your map and look for certain places that are reddish than other places. These are PvP areas where you can farm the Seeds of Hatred. They’re usually on the West side of the map, with a few major towns inside these fields. 

How to get Sacred Seeds to get Red Dust in Diablo 4

As you prepare to enter these fields, do know that farming Seeds of Hatred are no joke either, it might take you a while, given the risk these areas carry. Be prepared to face off against players or other bot enemies that fall in your way! Another thing to know about Seeds of Hatred, though, is that if you die with these on you, you’ll lose half of them, which makes farming them a bit tricky.

How to get these Seeds once in the PvP area?

There are several ways to do this, which we’ve listed down below-

Eliminating other players

If you come across another player, you might want to eliminate them and take all the Seeds of Hatred that they might have been carrying. The risk with this is that you might become a target while you do so, and if you die, once again, you’ll lose half of the ones you’ve got on you!

Farming Baleful Chests

Explore the fields of Hatred in hopes of finding some Baleful Chests, as these might have a bunch of seeds in them. A group of enemies will often be around these chests, making them harder to obtain. However, this is one of the easiest ways to get some Seeds of Hatred.

Eliminating Enemies in general

Killing enemy mobs might just grant you a decent chance at getting some Seeds of Hatred as a drop; however, defeating certain bosses in the gamer has proven to be one of the best ways. For instance, Seething Abomination, which is a boss that’s quite tough to defeat in these lands, once defeated, gives you about 2,000 Seeds of Hatred. That’s quite a big amount, and to make things easier, you could always call on some friends! 

You’ll definitely be able to get some Seeds of Hatred by doing all the aforementioned steps, and once you’ve got some, here’s how you can convert it to Red Dust-

There’s no point in holding onto or accumulating a whole bunch of Seeds of Hatred simultaneously, as it’s quite risky. Get eliminated once, and you’ll lose half of it, so make a few errands and keep converting it one by one to make sure that you’re safe while you do so. Now, getting to it, make way to any Altar of Extraction. This particular place can be found amongst the fields of Hatred. You should probably know, though, that making way to one of these could be even more difficult as there are chances that players are camping near one of these to loot the Seeds that you’ve got on you. 

How to get Red Dust in Diablo 4

Make way to one of these and use your Crowd Control abilities to buy yourself some time, specifically, about a minute, as converting Seeds of Hatred to Red Dust takes about 50 seconds, give or take a few. Just interact, wait a bit, defend, and be on your way! That’s how easy it is!

That’s everything we had on how to get Red Dust in Diablo 4.

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Last Updated on July 4, 2023

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