Best way to farm Obols fast in Diablo 4

Obols Farm – There are several currencies in Diablo IV, some of which are accessible early, some you’ll need at all stages of the game, and some that become accessible after a certain point. On the other hand, a few features have been carried to Diablo 4 from its predecessor Diablo 3, and then there are a lot of new additions too!

One currency new to the game and accessible quite early is Murmuring Obols, and if you’re wondering how you could get your hands on Murmuring Obols in Diablo IV, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading!-

Best way to farm Obols fast in Diablo 4

Best way to farm Obols fast in Diablo 4

These newer currencies are specific to certain items in the game, meaning they could only be used to purchase that specific item or the same kinds of it. This is, of course, unlike gold, which is the game’s main currency with various uses. Murmuring Obols in the game has a very specific use, and that has to do with the Purveyor of Curiosity Shop located in many towns on the map.

Visit one of these shops and spend anywhere between 20-80 of these Obols to have a chance to get a good weapon item, you surely will get one, but whether it’s good or not, that’s completely dependent on your luck!

Now that you know what the use for these Obols is, here’s how you could get Obols fast in Diablo 4:

First things first, you can get Murmuring Obols by completing events throughout the world, like a lot of other currencies. These events will pop up randomly and be marked with gold on your map. There will always be some kind of event available for you to visit, so you don’t need to worry about that. There might as well be a bunch of these events available at once, and you could complete a bunch of them as you move across the map. Finally, after completing a certain event, you’ll be rewarded with a chest containing Gear, Weapons, Gold, some other items and, of course, the much-required Obols. 

A lot of the times that players have started completing these events, they’ve had multiple events ongoing at once and hence have found one of the best paths of event completion to maximize the chances of them getting Obols as a drop. Here’s a bit about it!

The best route is when you start from Kyovashad and make your way out of the western exits. From there onwards, start moving towards Dry Steppes. At this location, you’ll find three events right next to each other that you could complete in one go. The one towards the east is the easier one, the one in the middle gets a little harder, and the one towards the west side of the map is the hardest among the three. 

These three events will be completed quickly, as you won’t need to travel much to get access to the other event after one’s completed!

That’s everything we had on the best way to farm Obols fast in Diablo 4.

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Last Updated on July 4, 2023

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