How to Get Pristine Hide in V Rising

Pristine Hide V Rising – V Rising is a vampire fantasy world from Stunlock Studies. This survival game will allow the players to explore this medieval world at night. At V Rising, you can look around at some exciting resources that you can quickly get from this vampire world or defeat your enemies.

One of those exciting resources is Pristine Hide, and it’s an essential resource to create a Pristine Leather. You have come to the right place if you want to know how to make Pristine Leather. In this article, you will get a detailed guide on how to get Pristine Hide to make Pristine Leather.

How to Get Pristine Hide in V Rising

The Pristine Hide is the leading material to make Pristine Leather. It’ll be more useful when creating armor. Though Pristine Hide is easy to find, getting them is tough.

It’ll be challenging since you have to defeat werewolves to get it. You can discover them in Dunley Farmland ends, and Cursed Forest Starts, located near the Gloomgrave village. Also, the villagers are the ex-residents of Dunley Farmlands. But they have been chased out of the village because of their ability to transform into Werewolves. This is what a Werewolf looks like, by the way:

Werewolf in V Rising

Werewolves provide 100 Pristine hides but don’t rush to get them all. Keep in mind that don’t face all the villagers at a time. It will be more challenging for you. So lure them and eliminate them one by one.

The second option to own a Pristine Hide is to move to Cursed Forest to look for the gigantic animals and hunt them. But the two techniques are still tough, and you have to gain a considerable number of Pristine Hides to create a Pristine Leather.

Once you are done collecting Pristine Hide by defeating werewolves or gigantic animals. Now, it’s time to create Pristine Leather.

To make Pristine Leather you need to construct a Tannery first. If you have already beaten Keeley the Frost Archer, then you should already have the Tannery blueprint. So make one, if you haven’t, yet. Once the Tannery is available, what you need to do is dead over to Mosswick Village and buy some Fish Oil.

Pristine Leather Recipe - V Rising

You need 4x Fish Oil and 20x Pristine Hide to make Pristine Leather. Once you have everything you need, place the Fish Oil and the Pristine Hide in the Tannery. It will produce the perfect Pristine Leather.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2022

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