How to get Marcell’s Key in Sniper Elite 5

Marcell Key Sniper Elite 5 – The Sniper Elite Series is primarily known for its highly unique gunplay, with the game’s core feature focusing on bullet-time Slow motion. Such advanced weapon handling and shooting made the Sniper Elite Series viral among Third-person Shooter fans. You can assassinate high-ranking Nazi Generals and perform different trick shots to take down the enemies. You will also be tasked with gathering enemy intel on large and open maps.

This highly anticipated game will be available on PC and consoles, and Sniper Elite 5 will be sticking to its core elements that made this franchise a vast success. Rebellion plans to extend and improve the game’s overall experience in this installment.

By the end of the first mission, The Atlantic Wall, you will be tasked with finding Marcel. Despite his safe house location being straightforward to reach, you might miss it if you are not paying attention to the current and the optional side quests. The whole method of finding Marcel, getting his key and opening the safe is the process of getting this objective done.

So this article will guide you on where to find Marcell and how to get his key so that you will be able to find and secure the Intel necessary to complete the first mission in Sniper Elite 5 game.

Where to find Marcell and how to get Marcell’s key in Sniper Elite 5

The safehouse of Marcell is located just at the bottom corner of “The Atlantic Wall” mission map and situated in that same town of the target known as “Steffen Beckendorf”. All you have to do is head over to the marked location on the map. Use the stealth approach and sneak past the German soldiers. Try and avoid engagement as much as possible.

Where to find Marcel

Once you get into the safehouse, go upstairs and look for the safe hidden behind the bed. Try opening it, but it won’t let you until you have the key to the safe. To find the key, get out of the safehouse, and you will be able to see vines growing on the walls, which directly lead to the third floor. Remember, this is the only way to access the third floor.

Reach the open window on the third floor by climbing the vines. Once you have access to the third floor, you will find him dead. Search him to retrieve the key.

Stock up any more supplies that you might find by searching him. You can also find a Workbench here if you want to upgrade or customize your weaponry.

Once you have retrieved the key, head over to the small room upstairs and push the floor panels by interacting with them so that you can quickly drop down. After you are back at your previous location inside the safehouse, go straight towards the bedroom and try unlocking the safe. Once opened, you will be able to access and collect the Intel you need once you have them run north towards a small farmhouse to exfiltrate and complete the mission.

So this was all about where to find Marcell and how to get his keys to secure Intel in Sniper Elite 5.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2022

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