How to get the Model D Pistol in Sniper Elite 5

Model D Sniper Elite 5 – With new gameplay, missions to accomplish, and weaponry to gather, Sniper Elite 5 is proving to be quite the action-packed experience. Pistols are one of the various weapons that players can try their hand at, and there are a lot of them to unlock in the game.  This guide specifically aims to get you up to speed, on how you can Obtain the Model D pistol in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 currently has six sidearms (pistols) available for players to unlock. The first few are easy to achieve, while others require the player to put in some effort to complete the assignments, as in completing certain assigned missions. Like any other weapon in the game, pistols, too, could be upgraded to a certain level, making it a very efficient and important aspect of the game. 

How to get the Model D Pistol in Sniper Elite 5

Now, to unlock the Model D pistol, extensively, you’ll have to complete the kill-challenge in Mission 6: Liberation. To complete this task (mission), you must use poison to eliminate a target. Here is how you can do that.

Proceed to the villa where the target can be found. The poison can be found on the ground floor of the building. Then you must proceed onto the second floor. When you’re outside the target’s room, look for a glass that you can use to spike with poison. Ring the bell next to the door after you’ve finished this. Then, as soon as the target leaves the room, just hide, and as soon as he drinks the poison, he will go down within a matter of seconds.

Upon completion of this mission, you can access the Model D pistol from one of the three workbenches at any level, which can be found at the Golden Colored icon that is visible on the Map.

How to unlock Model D in Sniper Elite 5

You have the freedom to customize and enhance them before or throughout the mission, that is, if you manage to get away from enemies during the mission.

So this was all about how to get the awesome Model D Pistol in Sniper Elite 5. We have guides for other pistols coming in, as well.

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Last Updated on May 28, 2022

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