How to Whistle in Sniper Elite 5

Whistle in Sniper Elite 5 – The Sniper Elite Series is primarily known for its highly unique gunplay, with the game’s core feature focusing on bullet-time Slow motion. Such advanced weapon handling and shooting made the Sniper Elite Series viral among Third-person Shooter fans. You can assassinate high-ranking Nazi Generals and perform different trick shots to take down the enemies. You will also be tasked with gathering enemy intel on large and open maps.

This highly anticipated game will be available on PC and consoles, and Sniper Elite 5 will be sticking to its core elements that made this franchise a vast success. Rebellion plans to extend and improve the game’s overall experience in this installment.

Whistling is a very vital skill that you can use to distract the guards and lure them into a location so that you can take them out slightly. You can also use the whistling ability to open up routes for you to pass. The protagonist named Karl Fairburne emits a very sweet tune in his whistling. So, this article will guide you on how to whistle in Sniper Elite 5 so that you don’t always have to use the guns to take down enemies.

How to whistle in Sniper Elite 5

Follow these steps to whistle in Sniper Elite 5.

  1. Open your Inventory wheel menu by pressing the L1 button on the PlayStation or the LB button on Xbox.
  2. Use the right analog stick to select the Whistle. It will be there on the top right of the inventory wheel.
  3. After selecting it, release the menu button.
  4. You can confirm the selection as the whistle icon appears at the bottom of the screen next to the equipped weapon.
  5. Once the whistle is selected, you can whistle it by holding the R1 or the RB button. The protagonist will emit a tune to alert the nearby guards.
  6. You will get an indication that the whistle is heard, and they are coming to search the area. Move out from the area if you don’t want to get detected.

Sniper Elite 5 whistle wheel

Whistling in Sniper Elite 5 is a very important skill that you should master to get right from the beginning of the game. You can whistle by taking a cover behind a wall or high grass, as long as you are unseen. Quickly move to a new place so that you can ambush or escape right past the distracted enemies. Also, pair your whistle with bottles to clear the paths without engaging in a gunfight.

So this was all about how to whistle in Sniper Elite 5.

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Last Updated on May 28, 2022

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