How to get Magical Beasts Avatar in Hogwarts Legacy

Magical Beast Avatar Hogwarts Legacy – Hogwarts Legacy is finally out, and if you have the deluxe version, you can already start playing because of the 72 hours of Early Access. If you are a Potter fan, you might know that there are different houses in the original Harry Potter movies and this Hogwarts game. Other Avatar bundles and crests are available in the game, and the Magical Beasts Avatar is the one you should be aiming for if you are on the Playstation, as it is a PS Exclusive reward only.

So this article will guide you on how to get Magical Beasts Avatar in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to get Magical Beasts Avatar in Hogwarts Legacy

How to get Magical Beasts Avatar in Hogwarts Legacy

You will be able to get the Magical Beasts Avatar after you haven’t completed the Haunted Hogsmeade Side Quest. The developers already showcased the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Side Quest a couple of months ago. This is a Playstation-exclusive Quest, and you won’t be able to attempt it if you are on a different platform. If you follow the trailer closely, you will find the Honeydukes Shop at around 7 seconds into the video.

The Magical Beasts Avatar is a part of an event that ends on the 5th of April 2023, at around 2:59 AM EST. You can attend the event by participating in the PS House Cup Sweepstakes.

Now you might ask, what is this PlayStation House Cup Sweepstakes? Well, it is an event released for the Hogwarts Legacy, where you can win your own Hogwarts Legacy Collectors Edition and a free Playstation 5 Console. Also, the winning house will get the Magical Beasts Avatar without purchasing it.

The only way to join the PS House Cup Sweepstakes event is by going online, and new players should create a PlayStation Network account.

There are a total of four tasks that you need to complete to get the Magical Beast Avatars. Once you complete all the tasks, you can get all the Magical Beast Avatars in your inventory. These are the tasks that you have to complete to get it.

  1. Watch Trailer
    Answer – Watch the Full trailer and find clues to the trailer’s other tasks.
  2. Answer Trivia Questain – What iconic Hogsmeade Store do we get a sweet glimpse of in the trailer?
    Answer – Honeydukes
  3. Answer Trivia Question – What house is the Trailer’s Protagonist in?
    Answer – Ravenclaw
  4. Click Here
    View all the Hogwarts Legacy Purchase options.

You can also redeem a voucher that will be given to you. It will have a 12-digit code to redeem the avatar bundle. Once you click the Redeem button, you will be taken to the PlayStation official website to redeem the code. Remember, the code will expire on the 10th of April, 2023.

Magical Beasts Avatar bundle in Hogwarts Legacy

The Magical Beasts Avatar bundle will feature four beasts like the Graphorn, Hippogriff, Fwooper and the Augurey. These avatars will be added to your PSN account once you have redeemed the collector’s edition can earn more rewards once you join the House Cup event, like the House Crests Avatar and House Cup Avatar in the Hogwarts Legacy. The Grand prize, which includes the collector’s edition and the PS5 console, is limited to one person per address.

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Last Updated on February 7, 2023

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