How to get Kills on Enemies Affected by Tactical in MW3

Struggling with trying to kill enemies that are affected by tactical equipment in Modern Warfare 3? Find below the tips and tricks to bag more kills while in such a situation!

Kills on “Enemies Affected by Tactical” refers to when your enemy is affected by a Tactical that you throw or plant, and you subsequently manage to eliminate them while they’re in the same condition. This can be done with any Tactical throwable that has a negative effect on your enemy- check out our “Best Tacticals” guide to know which ones of these are more likely to fetch you more kills! Follow the tips and tricks below to make sure that you get as many kills as possible with Tacticals in Modern Warfare 3, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

How to get Kills on Enemies Affected by Tactical in MW3

How to get Kills on Enemies Affected by Tactical in MW3

My first choice in this case would be the Stun Grenade, followed by the Flash Grenade. The Stun will not only restrict your opponent’s movement speed but, at the same time, negatively affect their ability to shoot, which will bag you a free kill. All you need to do in order to achieve it is make a decent throw with the Stun that’s close enough to your enemy. 

The Flash Grenade, on the other hand, must be chucked in an efficient manner, and when the enemy is flashed, you need to also make sure that you’re not in your enemy’s line of fire as you could still get killed while they’re blinded. The Flash, still, holds the second position for the best tacticals to use to maximize chances for you to get kills with them. 

Kill Enemies in the time frame

Once those enemies have been affected by the Tactical is when you need to make your move, for the stun grenade, your opponent is under the same effect for 3-5 seconds and that’s when you need to bag the kill and for the flash, it’s generally 5-7 seconds. Killing your enemies in this time frame ONLY will get you such a kill. 

Which Tacticals do not amount to the same?

Other Tacticals, such as a battle rage, the EMD Grenade, and the Snapshot Grenade do now count towards these as they do not reflect upon any damage to your enemy, hence, getting a kill with the enemies being affected from these won’t count towards your goal.

The Engineer Vest and Munitions Box

Munitions Box

If you’re trying to get kills with enemies that are under the effect of tactical, it’s highly suggested that you go with the Engineering Vest as this way, you’ll have two Tacticals to chuck. Back that up with the Munitions box for a free refill of them, when you need it. 

Which Maps to play? You can play any map as long as you engage with your enemies in a closed space or a controlled environment but to ensure that you get maximum instances of going against your enemies in such a way, it’s preferred that you play on a comparatively smaller map!

With that being said, if you follow all of these guidelines, you’ll be bagging kills left and right with your enemies being under the effect of Tacticals!

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Last Updated on November 28, 2023

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