How to get Handcannon in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Handcannon re4 remake – A new Resident Evil game? Or the same old touch? The series has always been known for the weapon choices it offers and in resident evil 4’s remake, some things have changed, but one of the things that hasn’t changed is the fact that the handcannon still is one of the best guns in the game.

The handcannon is a premier magnum in the Resident Evil series and has been around for a while, so much so that it has earned a number of players trust to be used a primary weapon. In this article by Frontech, we’ll guide you with how you could get your hands on the Handcannon in Resident Evil 4’s remake, keep reading to learn more!

How to get Handcannon in Resident Evil 4 Remake

One of the few weapons that can one-shot enemies and destroy bosses in a few shots, is the Handcannon. For starters, the very basic method of acquiring this weapon remains the same. That is, it has to be unlocked like in the previous versions. But, to even unlock the same, you’ll have to do a bunch of stuff that we’ll lay out for you. Here’s how you can get the Handcannon:

  1. The Handcannon happens to be a bonus weapon, signifying that you’ll only be able to get your hands on it once you’re at your second playthrough.
    How to unlock Handcannon in Resident Evil 4 Remake
  2. Another condition is that you’ll have to complete the game on professional difficulty by acquiring an A- rank, that too, without using any other bonus weapons.
  3. You won’t be able to use the Infinite Rocket Launcher of the Chicago Sweeper, making the handcannon the hardest weapon to acquire in the game.
  4. Once you have completed your first playthrough under all the given conditions, you will unlock the Handcannon.
  5. Now, go to “Bonuses” from the Main Menu.
  6. Select “Extra Content Shop” and purchase the Handcannon for 1000 CP.
  7. Now visit any Typewriter storage to get the Handcannon and put it in your inventory.
    Get the Handcannon from any Typewriter Storage

One way you could go about is to complete the game as many times as you wish in normal/assisted difficulty. This’ll allow you to upgrade all of Leon’s gear, including the health, guns, items, etc. Upgrade all of it to as high as you possibly can before going for the Professional difficulty and trying to acquire the Handcannon. We recommend the maximum, no doubt about it. 

This’ll make the game a lot easier, as just going through the game with basic stuff on a professional difficulty would be pretty time-consuming, keeping aside the challenge you’d have to face. 

That’s everything we had on how you could get the Handcannon in Resident Evil 4: Remake.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have any additions to this topic, you can comment below. And for more Resident Evil 4 Remake guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. Good luck!

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Last Updated on March 28, 2023

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