How to get Gunslinger Class if you have not preordered Remnant 2

Get Gunslinger Class Remnant 2 – If you want to find out how you can unlock the Gunslinger in the latest, Remnant 2 and also, given that this class is an early unlock, was it worth the purchase to have it right from the beginning of the game? Then, you have come to the right place. Here is all you need to know about unlocking the Gunslinger class if you have not pre-ordered it in the game, Remnant 2. Keep reading to find out! 

Many games offer bonuses on pre-orders, and Remnant 2 is no different in this aspect. If you really like the previous title of the series and enjoy third-person co-op shooters or souls-like games, then Remnant 2 is highly recommended for you. Moreover, the default choice for many players will be the Gunslinger class, given it is a great all-around pick. 

Get Gunslinger Class in Remnant 2

How to get Gunslinger Class if you have not preordered Remnant 2

Players could have unlocked the Gunslinger class by pre-ordering Remnant 2 before the full release on various consoles. If you have not done so, then worry not. After completing most of the areas and biomes, this class will unlock, and in Ward 13, speak to Mudtooth and get the Worn Cylinder. Once you get the Worn Cylinder, you must give it to Wallace to unlock the Gunslinger class and craft the Iron Cylinder. 

Gunslinger Ring Remnant 2

Gunslinger Charm

Perks of the Gunslinger class in Remnant 2

Loaded When you activate any of the skills of Gunslinger, both of your weapons get reloaded and, for 15 seconds, gain infinite ammo on all your weapons. 
Swift Shot  For all firearms, gain 5% critical chance, 25% ranged damage and 15% fire rate. 
Posse Up Per player, the ammo pickups award you additional 30% ammo, with the bonus getting split among all players equally. It also causes the ammo boxes to drop more ammo on the ground.
Quick Hands  10% reload speed is gained by firearms, and this gets doubled when the magazine is empty. 
Sleight of Hand  When you use a relic, it will reload the equipped firearms and increase for 10 seconds the ranged damage by 15%. 

Skills of the Gunslinger class in Remnant 2

Quick Draw You can pull out your trusty side piece and then, for up to six rounds, reload from the hip that deals, per shot, 93 damage. When you press the button, it instantly fires towards all the enemies within a radius of 25 meters, whose rounds will get divided among all the targets evenly upon release. If you want control of all the shots fired, hold and release the button, which helps aim the weapon manually. 
Sidewinder This calls upon the Desert Sidewinder snake’s power to draw/swap speed by 50% and increase ADS movement. Cycling weapons, for 20 seconds, will reload your incoming firearm automatically. 
Bulletstorm This unleashes the full speed and power of the Gunslinger. All of the traditional firearms turn completely automatic. The Crossbows and bows get an increased projectile speed by 50% and a critical chance of 25%. Further, it also increases by 20%, the fire rate and 50%, the reload speed for 20 seconds. 

That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about How to get Gunslinger class if you have not pre-ordered Remnant 2.

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Last Updated on July 30, 2023

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