How to get Ex Diris in Destiny 2

Here is all you need to know about getting the Season of the Witch’s new exotic in Destiny 2, ‘Ex Diris’. This exotic weapon boasts one-of-a-kind perks and traits, which makes this weapon a fun one to have in your collection.

However, how do you obtain the exotic Ex Diris in the game Destiny 2 Season 22? Thankfully, you are looking at the right place for all your answers. Keep reading to find out!

How to get Ex Diris in Destiny 2

How to get Ex Diris in Destiny 2

Players can obtain Ex Diris in Destiny 2 simply by, in the paid season, reaching rank 1, or in the free season pass or the season of the witch, by reaching rank 35.

This weapon is pretty easy to obtain for players with the Paid pass of Season 22. Players must immediately claim the weapon by opening the seasonal reward track. Either way, for the players with the Season 22 pass, this weapon is not that difficult to get your hands on and is relatively easy as it can be unlocked early in the game. However, to obtain it faster, we recommend that the players ensure they have completed the seasonal narrative, the seasonal challenges, and many bounties to earn XP quickly and, hence, level up.

Although the weapon could rank among the best weapons in Destiny 2, it is unlikely to get a spot in the game’s best PvP weapons. As for grenade launchers, it is a bit tricky that they make it to the meta.

About Ex Diris: Perks and Traits

The Ex Diris Arc Energy grenade launcher has the following perks and traits in Destiny 2:

Corrupted Nucleosynthesis When taking or dealing sustained damage, this weapon enrages and thus gains an increased rate of fire.
Hand-Laid Stock For recoil control, this exotic is optimized. 
Loyal Moths Final blows with this weapon create a loyal moth. This seeks out nearby targets and then damages and blinds them by detonating. 
Nucleosynthetic Magazine From reserves, it continues to draw ammo. This magazine also enables arc projectiles that, on impact, detonate. 
Volatile Launch For an especially explosive Payload, this weapon is optimized. 

This weapon is a great choice for tougher enemies. As against high-health foes, this weapon gets enraged when taking sustained damage, which causes it to increase the fire rate. For groups of enemies, the loyal moth created by final blows, which blinds and damages them, is a great pick. 

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about how to get Ex Diris in Destiny 2. 

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Last Updated on August 24, 2023

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