How to fix Player Unable to Create Multiplayer Worlds in Palworld

Creating Multiplayer Worlds in Palworld is a great feature that players can make use of. This allows every player with a good internet connection to host a Server with a custom-made multiplayer world where you and your friends can roam around and have fun collecting Pals. Creating a world is easy, but if you are getting errors, then the problem lies elsewhere. So, in this article, we will guide you on how to fix the Player’s inability to create Multiplayer Worlds in Palworld.

How to fix Player Unable to Create Multiplayer Worlds in Palworld

How to fix Player Unable to Create Multiplayer Worlds in Palworld

So a lot of you might have been trying to create a world for multiplayer so that you and your friends can have some fun, but you are not able to create one, and the friend that you would want to play with doesn’t have a fast internet either to host such a vast map. But whenever you try to create one, you get an error saying, “Unable to Create World. Please check your Internet Connection. Restarting your Game or PC may Fix this issue.”

So, in order to fix this, simply head over to your settings and lower your Max FPS Settings under the Graphics Tab, which is by default set to “No Limit.” This was a suggestion we got from the Steam Community, and it fixed this issue for many players playing Palworld. Make sure you restart the game after you applied your settings.

We tried it out with a friend of mine, and I also got the same issue when creating a multiplayer world. I went to the Game Settings, lowered the Max FPS Limit to 90, and we got through.

So this was all about fixing the Infinite Loading Screen in Palworld. The above tips worked for a lot of people, and we hope they work for you as well. If you still find yourself in one of these situations after trying out the fix we suggested, you can send Palworld developers a ticket. However, they are still updating the game with the performance patches so that these issues will be fixed soon.

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

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