How to do Springboard in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 is finally out as the game took a big leap forward as compared to its prequel release, WWE 2K20. The title went on a one-year hiatus and is now back with a bang!

After receiving a lot of criticisms in the last installment of WWE 2K20, it seems that the extra development time they took for the game has finally been paid off. The game now has so much to offer rather than just a roster update that 2K used to do every year.  This year they bought in the new game modes, simpler control scheme and much better visuals as compared to any other WWE game released so far.

The WWE 2K22 game features a new control scheme, which game developer 2K claims to be much easier to understand for newer players. And if you are new to this game, you might want to know how to perform the springboard attacks. There are multiple locations to perform a springboard attack starting from the top of the ringside and much more. Also, you need to remember that not every WWE Superstar can perform the Springboard moves.

If you want to learn and do the springboard moves for a specific WWE superstar, then you can check their full move set details. And you can also check if your created superstar has the springboard move available in the MyRISE mode and set it up if you haven’t yet.

So this article will guide you on how to perform a Springboard move and dive in WWE 2K22.

how to do springboard moves and dives in wwe 2k22

How to perform a springboard attack in WWE 2K22

Follow these steps to perform a springboard attack on your opponent in WWE 2K22

  1. First, you need to go near the apron and exit the ring area, but do not exit the full ring.
  2. Then you have to hump on the edge of the apron by pressing the R1 button if you are on PlayStation or the RB button if you are on Xbox.
  3. Perform a two-step button combo by first pressing the L1 button if you are on PlayStation or the LB button if you are on Xbox, and then press the Circle/B button immediately to do the springboard attack on your opponent.

Also, keep a note that the Springboard attack must be done while the opponent is standing up inside the ring. You can either wait for your opponent to get up, or you can perform a Wake-up-taunt to force him/her to get up.

How to perform a running springboard move or dive in WWE 2K22

The timing needs to be very tricky when you are performing a running springboard move in WWE 2K22.

All you need to do is press the L1 and the Square button together if you are on PlayStation or LB and the X button together if you are on the Xbox. But the main factor here is timing. The timing has to be correct to successfully perform a running Springboard move.

You can also perform springboard dives and moves off the ropes by running towards the ring ropes and pressing any attack buttons like the Square/X/Circle if you are on PlayStation and X/A/Y if you are on Xbox. Press any attack button just before your WWE Superstar hits the ropes, and then bounce back to continue running.

It may take some amount of time to master the springboard attacks as timing is crucial, especially if you are a new player. But you can practice all these moves when you are editing move sets in the WWE Creation Suite. For performing any kind of springboard attacks and dives the tactics will remain the same but some amount of practice with the timings can make it perfect.

So this was all about how to do springboard move and dive in WWE 2K22.

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Last Updated on March 17, 2022

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