How to defeat Crushers in Dead Island 2

Defeat Crushers in Dead Island 2 – Dead Island 2 is a First Person Action Zombie Slaying Game developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver. The Story continues from where Dead Island Part One and The Riptide left off with. The game is set in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

All Zombie games have this one thing in common, i.e. amongst the group of Zombies; there will be one most powerful muscular Zombies that you will have a tough time fighting with. We have seen that in Dying Light Series, and Dead Island 2, it follows a similar trend of including the mighty muscular meathead, Crusher. Crushers are extremely powerful and not to be taken lightly. So if you have difficulty defeating a crusher, we are here to help you with some quick tips.

So this article will guide you on how to kill or takedown Crushers quickly in Dead Island 2.

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What is a Crusher in DI2?

Amongst all the enemies and zombies in the game, Crusher is one of the Apex Zombies in Dead Island 2 that can be pretty challenging for you to handle if you are not a skilled player. These Crushers have high muscular strength and take up much of your health when he hits you. With such increased valour and sturdiness of Crusher, it also pairs itself with other deadly attacks you will face when fighting him out. These combos and extra attacks will hit you if you are not prepared.

The Zombies usually surround a crusher in that area, and thus it can lead to a tough fight even if you possess the best weapons in the game.

How to defeat Crushers in Dead Island 2

Crushers are very muscular and tanky zombies, so here are some quick tips you should consider when taking on a Crusher head-to-head. Remember to use these techniques when a Crusher is attacking so that you can tackle it and defeat him quickly.

  1. These Crushers send a seismic shockwave that knocks players down when it performs the Overhead Smash Attack – Press the Jump button to avoid this attack.
  2. After the Overhead Smash Attack, they are temporarily exposed. Use this advantage and reduce its stability with the help of correct weapons.
  3. They are weak to Bleed damage while taking maximum resistance to explosive damage. Always target both the head and the arms and not the legs.
  4. Aim for the arm of the Crusher so that it cannot execute the Overhead Smash Attack, and trust me, the fight becomes much easier after that.

So these were the few techniques you could use to defeat the Crusher in Dead Island 2.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are facing other game problems, try checking out our other guides on Dead Island 2. Who knows, you might end up finding a fix.

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Last Updated on April 24, 2023

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