Grow Crops in Lego Fortnite – How to do

If you want a bustling town of your own in Lego Fortnite you are going to require lots of shelter and resources, and this means food too. Although you can find food items, growing them on your own farm is a different kind of fun altogether. So if you want to grow your own crops, then keep reading to find out!

How to do Farming and Grow Crops in Lego Fortnite

How to grow crops in Lego Fortnite

You are going to need a few things, the first one being a Crafting Bench and Lumber Mill in your base of operations. Don’t worry; they unlock quite quickly; just keep playing and amassing wood and granite. After you have crafted them both, use them to craft a Shovel (you will need 3 Wooden Rods and 1 Plank). Then, you need to craft a Garden Plot. For this, dig anywhere on the map using your shovel till you get 2 soil. Then search for any animal’s excrement (Feed a cow, sheep, or chicken berries, and they will produce Fertilizer). Pick 1 up, as this will act as the Fertilizer.

Now that you have 2 Soil and 1 Fertilizer, open the Build menu and select Garden Plot under the Utility tab. It will be listed as a ‘Village item’. Place it anywhere to your liking.

Now, you will grow your crops. For this, you will need seeds. You can get these by putting food in the Grain mill. Alternatively, you can also get it out in the wild. For the Grain Mill, you will have to head to the caves and discover granite to unlock it. So if you do not think that you are ready to do that yet, I would suggest simply looking for chests inside decaying homes, as you could get a lot from there.

After you have seeds, interact with the Garden plot and then deposit them there. After some time, your plants would start to grow, and if you want to plant the next crop, you will need to harvest your previously grown crops. So I do suggest that you have multiple Garden Plots.

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Last Updated on December 11, 2023

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