Gotham Knights Best Graphics Settings to Boost Performance

It is just the first month of the final quarter of 2022, and we are already getting a barrage of games thrown at us. Gotham Knights, which was also one of the most awaited games of 2022, is finally here.

And boy, has it brought controversies along. I mean, people were already kind of mad about the fact the devs decided to lock the game at 30 FPS on next-gen consoles. On top of that, there have already been a bunch of videos floating around showing how poorly this game runs, even on high-end cards like the RTX 3090.

I bought and played the game myself because I have a habit of not believing reviewers. I have already sunk 2 hours into the game and what I think is, if the developers manage to optimize Gotham Knights a bit, then this can actually prove to be a nice couch co-op game.

Now, speaking about the performance and optimization of the game on PC, they are quite average. I tested the game on my RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti. At 1440p, the performance was decent. Didn’t bother testing it on my low-end cards like the GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1650, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, here is the combination of graphics settings that worked the best for me in Gotham Knights. I was experiencing minor stuttering and fps drops here and there. Tweaking the graphics settings completely eradicated the issues for me.

Gotham Knights running on RTX 3060 Ti

Gotham Knights Best Graphics Settings

  • Display Mode: Borderless Fullscreen – I simply hate Borderless because it is not as efficient as Fullscreen. But the only other option we have here is ‘Windowed’, which is even worse.
  • Select Display: Your primary display
  • Select GPU: Make sure the GPU is selected, in case you are on a gaming laptop.
  • Resolution: 2650×1440 – The settings given below, work well for 1440p and work even better for 1080p.
  • VSYNC: Off – I would have turned this on if I was getting constant stuttering. But that didn’t happen. So enabling this setting and handicapping the framerate doesn’t make sense.
  • Brightness: Whatever
  • Contrast: Whatever
  • Saturation: Whatever
  • HDR: Off – LOL!
  • Dynamic Resolution: Off – If you don’t want your game to randomly start looking ‘Blurry’ or ‘Fuzzy’, then keep this off.
  • Max FPS Limit: 60 – I don’t need more than 60 FPS in this game. Also, capping the fps fixes most of the stuttering and fps drops issues.
  • Upscaling Type: Nvidia DLSS – DLSS is the best among all 5 options. Gives a nice 15-20 FPS boost to performance. However, if you do not have DLSS then you can use AMD FSR.
  • Upscaling Quality: Quality – The other options degrades the quality of the visuals quite a bit. ‘Quality’ for FSR as well.
  • Sharpening Level: Off – I am on 1440p, so the game remains quite detailed even with upscaling. But if you are on 1080p and you feel that the game looking a little blurry, you can set this to 1.
  • Field of View: 95 – Sweet spot!
  • Ray Tracing: Off – On the streets, Ray-tracing in Gotham Knights destroys GPUs. Especially when you are riding a Bat Cycle.
  • Motion Blur: Off – I hate blur in my games.
  • Ambient Occlusion: On – When disabled, provides a minor increase in FPS. But considering the downgrade in visual quality, turn it off isn’t worth it, IMO.
  • Bloom: On – Doesn’t affect performance. You can leave this on.
  • Chromatic Aberration: Off – Doesn’t impact performance. Personal preference.
  • Depth of Field: On – DoF gives a nice effect. Leave this on. No effect on performance.
  • Texture Quality: High – Best option in my opinion. Not as demanding as ‘Highest’, and doesn’t make the game look as bad as ‘Medium’. If you have anything worse than the RTX 2060, set this to Medium.
  • Shadows Quality: Medium – Provides an impressive 4-5 FPS boost from ‘High’. ‘Low’ looks bad.
  • Effects Quality: High – I normally like to keep this at ‘High’ when I am free-roaming and fighting normal opponents. But when there are a ton of explosions and effects on the screen, I set this to Medium.
  • Post Processing Quality: High – ‘High’ actually gives more fps than ‘Medium’, at times.
  • View Distance: Medium – This will give an immediate boost in fps over ‘High’ and ‘Highest’ when you are free-roaming. At ‘High’ the fps really cripples down when driving the Bat Cycle.
  • Environment Density: Medium – This setting actually controls the number of vehicles and people that spawn while you are free-roaming. Setting it to Medium is the best option here.

Best Gotham Knights Graphics Settings

I have tested the game at the ‘Highest Settings’ with Ray-tracing as well on the RTX 3060 Ti. Here is the video for that:

Now, I am not really sure if I can recommend this game to everybody. If you have something like the GTX 1660 or something better, and you are on 1920×1080 resolution, then you should definitely give Gotham Knights a try. Because I didn’t find this game that bad. You will have a lot more fun if you are playing co-op with a friend.

But, if you have something like the GTX 1650, or even the 1650 Super, I would recommend that you skip this, as I don’t think you will feel that it is worth it. Then again, it is completely up to you.

If you think this guide has helped, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more Gotham Knights guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We will be covering every single technical issue and bug of the game. Good luck!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on October 22, 2022

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